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The Role of Decision Support Systems in Promoting Successful Businesses

century presents an era of intensive technology use in management decisions. Laudon " Laudon (2012) assert that technology has become an ingrained part of business decision making as they strive to attain their strategic objectives and consequently acquire competitive advantage. Information systems (IS) are among some of the main technologies...

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Operational Management Decision

Karen Mathews published the article on March 4, 2018. In the article, Mathews unfolds the intention of the Google management team to expand its business in the New York City. According to the article, Google is close to reaching $2.4 billion deal that will see another landmark erected in New...

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The Role of Business Information Systems in Decision-Making

Decision-making efficiency is a critical determinant of business success (Saaty, 2008). Organizations often encounter challenges in the business environment. These challenges may stem from the external business environment or in some cases from internal systems. It is important for managers to establish the origins of challenges experienced in the course...

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Will decision management systems revolutionize marketing

Decisions are a vital aspect of any successful venture. Therefore, decision management is a process in decision making that involves improving and aligning organizational goals to action. Decision management ensures the decision making process yields the desired results because it employs powerful tools like organizational rules, artificial intelligence, and continuous...

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Christian Manager as Ethical Decision Maker

Business ethics are merely the governing codes of conduct that define the overall and expected behavior within the business (Thiel et al. 2012). Every business entity has a well-structured framework of values and policies that regulate the flow of operations and the interrelation among the staff. Business ethics are formulated...

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Navigating the Process of Effective Decision Making

Decision making entails the choosing of a viable among alternative among a given set of choices. Due to time and resource constraints, in our team, we opted for the administrative model of decision making. As such we were not mainly concerned with optimizing the process of assisting faculty and community...

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Abortion issue

Premature termination of a pregnancy is done in order to prevent delivery. Abortion can happen spontaneously at times when no one makes the choice to end the pregnancy, or it can decide to happen on its own. Additionally, some abortions take place as a result of medical advice from physicians....

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Recreational Activity

My best pastime is completing crossword puzzles. Backtracking, the game's recursive feature, can be compared to a selective tree navigation method. Backtracking enables people to deal with circumstances where other approaches would produce an impossible amount of options. In a crossword puzzle, the player can go back and try an...

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Toni Morrison's "Sula" features Sula.

People generally lead the lives they want in the world. Although they are under their parents' control when they are children, when they are adults they have more freedom. The rest is up to them, beyond what the law of the country demands of them. Therefore, everyone will put in...

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Moral discussions

Moral discussions and ethical conundrums are the main components of descriptive ethics. Maintaining accepted standards is referred to as ethics, whereas a dilemma is a situation in which a decision must be made between two equally undesirable choices. Being forced to choose between two morally conflicting options makes ethical choices...

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Ethics of Criminal Justice

A crucial component of the law and justice systems is ethics. The ethical ramifications of a particular deed are considered when making decisions within the institution. The foundation of legal fraternity activities is ethics. Nevertheless, there are several moral conundrums that emerge in the course of enforcing the law. A...

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Comparing Two Jobs

The choice between two jobs is one of the most important choices. If the two jobs seem to give the same prospects, this becomes even more important. Having said that, it is crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of the two options in order to make wise choices. A perfect...

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