Comparing Two Jobs

The choice between two jobs is one of the most important choices. If the two jobs seem to give the same prospects, this becomes even more important. Having said that, it is crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of the two options in order to make wise choices. A perfect work should also foster a harmonious balance between professional development and job satisfaction. It should be remembered that some choices are final and may be difficult to overturn.

Sister Rose Danes is the CEO of a renowned and well-funded medical academic center and works as a physician. Rose had stated that she really enjoys the job because of its challenging environment. In addition to that, her job requires extensive travel to other continents- an opportunity she finds rare and something to be proud about. She has done the job for over five years. Despite some challenges, she has largely considered the post prestigious and felt that it was the best offer in the market.

Just when she thought that she is living her career dream- another opportunity came knocking- an exciting and well remunerated leadership position not her from her home. She was offered a job at the community hospital. This made her look into another direction, something that he had not done for many years. For the first time, the real temptation of changing the jobs weighed heavily on her.

Friends were ill at ease telling her she could be making a big mistake if she changed jobs. In addition to that, the colleagues explained that if she went over to the community hospital, she would have to start cultivating influence all over again, and this would take time. Sarah had to look for help from another person. Being a family member, and being friends for long, she turned to me in order to make the ultimate decision.

Factors Influencing the Job Choice

Whereas many people take into consideration the salary prior to taking a job, such a choice cannot be reduced to working for a better pay alone. On the contrary, individuals ought to access various parameters before choosing a job and not merely the issue of financial compensation.

It should be noted the decision making process can largely be subjective. Consequently, one must divorce himself or herself from personal feelings in order to make an informed decision. Objectivity is a matter of paramount importance. It should also be noted that the impact of some decisions can be long-term.

It is important that a candidate checks if the company in question has a potential for growth and career development. Choosing a company that needs certain skills that plays a critical role in reducing employee turnover (Daneshgar 51). In addition to that, it is going to enable the employee to take long term plans which are predictable.

The issue of job security is as important as the job itself. If the company does not show signs of giving job security, then the most prudent thing is to look for an alternative. However, there are some instances where the issue of job security does not matter a lot. For example, if one is going to relocate after a short time, then a temporary job would equally suffice (Higgins 76).

If the job is going to help someone take advantage of the natural talent, then that job is worth consideration. This is because such a job is always easier to do than the other types of jobs. Moreover, the use of talent ensures that the employee is more marketable.

The Act of Choosing

A conversation with Rose Danes made us draw a list of the pros and cons of each job. Of course, it was her own decision- mine being helping her make an optimal choice. We came up with a grid list that would help us make the best decision possible without taking too much time on the same.

Sarah noted that the new job had a number of areas that showed a relative downside. But she also clarified that the downsides were most likely temporary and therefore could not affect the job in a significant way.

Having evaluated the structured framework again and again, Sarah was quick to note that going to work in the community hospital offers more career opportunities than the current position. It was a hard decision for her, and both of us agreed that it was the most optimal decision to make for both the short and the long term.

Lastly, Rose Danes realized that working at hospitals can provide an opportunity for volunteering. Satisfying careers go beyond the normal compensation and consider the opportunity to benefit the greater society (Daneshgar 34). Great names in the American and global history are remembered for the deeds they did for others.


Sarah Danes realized that it was better to rely on the intangible components of the job rather that the tangible ones. Such intangible features include purpose, prestige, autonomy and collegiality. The tangible factors includes benefits, vocations, and of course, the salary. Overall, Sarah Danes was able to make the decision that working at the community hospital was more consequential.


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