The book Through the Looking Glass

The book Through the Looking Glass is a fairytale by Lewis Carol. This book’s fifth chapter contains an intriguing tale about Alice and the White Queen. While running in the trees, Alice comes across a shawl that belonged to the queen and was being pursued by the queen. The queen…

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LinkedIn is the world’s largest technical social networking site, with over 500 million users in over 200 countries. Its main goal is to improve the world’s first economic graph in order to create economic opportunities for every member of the global labor force. Its aim is to bring together the…

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Workplace discrimination against women

Women face some challenges in the workplace, which has an impact on their productivity. After encountering a number of difficulties, the majority of women have decided to leave their jobs. Several authors have come forward to educate the public about the importance of women in the workforce and some of…

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Manual Labor Jobs

There is something to be said about those of us who prefer manual labor jobs to convenient desk jobs, such as serving as a railroad conductor. Manual labor gives us a sense of accomplishment that we don’t get from sitting at a desk in an office. Although working in an…

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Canada’s Precarious Workforce

Over time, the quality of employment in Canada has improved. Various studies indicate that insecure jobs on the general population and worker well-being are a significant source of concern. The OCED (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) acknowledged the growing cases of non-standard employment in different countries in a study…

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Work Satisfaction: Evaluating Organizational Behavior

Work Satisfaction: Evaluating Organizational Behavior Job satisfaction is characterized as a person’s level of satisfaction with their job (Boundless, 2016). Getting meaningful work is one factor that influences job satisfaction. When workers or people are dissatisfied with their job, they are less likely to put in the effort necessary to…

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What are her options?

What are her options? Jane has three choices when it comes to this incident. One of her choices is to go to the HR department and express her concerns to them. Jane has the option of filing a lawsuit as well. According to the Equal Pay Act of 1963, she…

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Social Media Credentials During Job Recruitments

Numerous advances and technologies have been produced since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the eighteenth century. Through the passage of time, computer technology arose with the primary goal of making human life easier and more interesting. With the advent of electronic information transfer in the late twentieth century,…

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Government Doesn’t Do Enough to Help Middle Class

The government supports the middle class by providing them with free or subsidized medical care, employment opportunities that provide job stability, improvements in government administration, and other benefits that enable them to grow holistically. According to a Pew Research Center poll of 1500 adults, 62% believe the government does not…

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Poverty in the Suburbs

Suburbs were portrayed as safe havens for middle-class families with stable jobs, homes, and access to good schools. The idea of a suburb without impoverished people was fantastical at the time, but it is now obsolete. Currently, over 40% of America’s poor areas are located on the outskirts of major…

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Why Asking for a Job Applicant’s Social Media Password is Fair Game

In his essay “Why asking for a job applicant’s social media password is fair game,” Alfred Edmond argues that it is rational for employers to access workers’ Facebook profiles in order to learn useful information about them (Edmond, Alfred). According to Edmond, the details obtained from the employee’s Facebook account…

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Cover Letters

A cover letter can be formatted in a variety of ways depending on the job, but they all follow a standard business letter format with three main sections: introduction, argument, and conclusion. Because there are usually thousands of applications, it is critical to properly structure a cover letter. Because they…

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