The Impact of Twitter Salary on Its Success

Do you think levels of pay contribute to Twitters success? I think the salary levels of Twitter have contributed to the success of the organization. Talented people in business are highly sought out given the contribution that they bring to the organization. They are the persons that are skilled in...

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Non-Compete Agreements

It goes without saying that privacy (business and company) has become a contentious issue especially at the turn of the 21st Century. Nowadays, it is very common for company executives and employees in general to be poached by rival companies after they have worked for another company for some time....

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Internet Job Site

The internet job site that I used to make an application is Linked In. Linked In. is an ideal platform basically because it contains many advertisements on a range of diverse jobs. Moreover the website is associated with many top-notch companies around the world. The specific job position I am...

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The Inverse Relationship Between Unemployment and Inflation

There exists an inverse relationship between inflation and unemployment in the short run. In economics, this relationship is referred to as Philip's curve. However, it is not a permanent tradeoff and ceases to exist in the long run. Policy makers have a tough choice to make as to what level...

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Feeling The Heat

In the article, “Feeling the heat” from The Economist magazine, the author claims that the US government is driving the labor market to its absolute limits, which has attracted a considerable number of supporters and critics coming up with mixed opinions over this development. The author suggests that the American...

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The Business Cycle

What are the four different types of market structures? i. Oligopoly ii. Monopolistic competition iii. Monopoly iv. Perfect...

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The Effects of War on the Economy

During the short run, war stimulates the economy through the massive creation of jobs opportunities and production of weaponry. High government purchases during wartime generate some helpful economic gains mainly due to spending booms, thus facilitating the massive production of goods.  For instance, during World War 2, the GDP of...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Telecommuting

Telecommuting is a work arrangement between the employer and the employee to have the latter delivering on their employment mandate outside the work environment; often working from home or a location close to home. The employee keeps in touch with co-workers and the employer via telecommunication links such as email...

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The Deindividuation Effect on James

My friend, James, is a budding accountant. We grew up together and know each other well in personal life. He has been on Facebook for more than 10 years and loves to post pictures of himself in social media lately. In his Facebook account, he is the typical introvert accountant...

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Social Media and Employment

Over the past few years since the invention of the World Wide Web (www), advances in technology have had an impact on every aspect of life in the present century. The internet enables people to share information across the globe, and emerging technologies such as the social media have redefined...

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Internal and External Recruitment Methods

Organisations often use external recruitment approaches to attract suitable candidates to fill in a vacant job vacancy. External recruitment refers to the process of assessing several candidates from outside the organisation for their skills and qualifications to fill in positions in the company. There are various methods used in external...

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The Benefits and Challenges of Workforce Diversity

Workforce diversity entails a company incorporating different people as employees irrespective of their gender, age, race, mental ability, generation, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. The effects of globalization triggers increased interaction among people from different backgrounds in this era (Stikkelbroek et al., 2016). As a result, business owners need to...

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