Employer Branding: An Overview

Alshenqeeti, H., 2014. Interviewing as a data collection method: a critical review. English Linguistics Research, 3(1), p.39. Ambler, T. and Barrow, S., 1996. The employer brand. Journal of Brand Management, 4, pp.185-206. Backhaus, K., and Tikoo, S., 2004. Conceptualizing and researching employer branding. Career Development International, 9(5), pp.501-517. Ballesteros, B.P., Medina, A., and...

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Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction can simply be defined as a feeling of contentment and accomplishment that an individual springs from his/her place of work. There are various facets that can make an individual be contented or not in the workplace and this greatly determines their performance, which is a great contributor to...

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Low Motivation and Job Satisfaction

Issues with low motivation and job satisfaction in the organizations are more ordinary. Employees are concerned with their jobs and general economy. There are multiple reasons why work dissatisfaction and lack of morale creeps at the organization. Irrespective of the causes of the absence of staff happiness, it can negatively...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is an individual tasked with the responsibility of guiding and instructing people to attain their health and fitness goals. They primarily work with a particular customer, providing instructions and motivation in exercises and its related activities. Some of the academic qualifications that a personal trainer ought to...

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Ted Talks Job Securement Plan

Ted talks, a non for profit organization, developed an initiative to reach out to young teenagers who were unemployed. The initiative was done after a series of meetings between the board members spearheading for the decision to help out teenagers from joblessness. The organization has created a website, which is...

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Jason's Financial and Work-Related Stress

Our bodies and brains are connected. Emotional stress can take a toll on our physical wellbeing, while physical activities can also emotional stress into our lives (Carnethon et al., 2009). With the overwhelming demands of today’s life reducing general principles of health and wellness, people have been subjected to conflicting...

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Factors Associated With Job Stress in Nursing Profession

In the recent decades, the nursing profession has reported the highest levels of job stress in comparison to all other healthcare professionals (Butterworth, Carson, Jeacock, White " Clements, 1999). In a survey done in 2002 and 2004, it was observed that nearly 60 percent and 55 percent respectively, of the...


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A Job Ad Analysis

I chose this job ad because I have been waiting for an opportunity to work with your company for a long time now, I have always wanted to work here. I am very much qualified for this position having worked as an accountant for five years. The ad has been...

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The Scale-Free Network Model

Social network analysis (SNA) basically is more interested on the arrangement of ties found in a group of actors who include; groups, individuals, nations, and organization of the stuffs resulting from the products of human activities (Liljeros et al, 2011). They also emanate from the cognition of webs such as...


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Preventive Measures Against Job Violence

Job violence is an act of hostility or threat in a work setting among colleagues. In a broader perspective, it is as well considered as a difference in types of behaviors that result in violence or causing safety concerns as noted by Purpora and Blegen (2015). As a consequence, violence...

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The Impact of Twitter Salary on Its Success

Do you think levels of pay contribute to Twitters success? I think the salary levels of Twitter have contributed to the success of the organization. Talented people in business are highly sought out given the contribution that they bring to the organization. They are the persons that are skilled in bringing...

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Non-Compete Agreements

Privacy in Business and Company It goes without saying that privacy (business and company) has become a contentious issue especially at the turn of the 21st Century. Nowadays, it is very common for company executives and employees in general to be poached by rival companies after they have worked for another...

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