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Health and Safety Committee

For fifteen years, it has been a tradition at the Hillside International to offer snacks to employees. The staff attests to the importance of this arrangement. For two years now, the company has been providing coffee and cookies for the workers’ refreshment. However, the company has decided to offer the...

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Organizational Change

Organizational change involves introducing new means of operation within an organization or department. This change is achieved through changing the operational methods, strategies, technologies, structure, or its corporate culture. The change can be a continuous process extending over long periods while it can also occur for a specified short period....

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Workplace Burnout

Companies are growing their profits and at the same time employees are working harder than before. Essentially, the unemployment has declined since 2010 (Leiter, Bakker " Maslach, 2014). However, this positivity does not reflect in the workplaces. Employees are overworked, dissatisfied and burned out. Previous research showed that burnout leads...

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Discrimination in the Workplace

Based on the content of relevant lecture and workshop, identify an example of inequality experienced in the workplace and discuss a theory that explains why it exists. Discrimination s one of the most often inequality experienced in the workplace. Unlawful workplace discrimination occurs when an employer takes severe adverse actions against...

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Workplace Stress Study

The workplace in many organizations has become a stress-filled environment as employees face burdens such as tight work deadlines, lack of job satisfaction, long working hours and also the pressure to perform better than others. According to Grawitch, Gottschalk, " Munz (2006), workplace stress not only affects the well-being of...

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Importance of Higher Pay in Increasing Productivity

People naturally require motivation to work. Consequently, they can be motivated by a higher pay to add more effort to their work and thus increase productivity. When one's payment is increased due to work is done, the person due to gratitude can increase his/her efforts at work and thus increasing...

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Strategic Compensation Philosophy

Compensation Philosophy is a formal statement which declares the position of a company on issues of employee compensation and principles that should be addressed. The report also contains the reasons or justifications for taking a particular place on the issues. The report is used to defend an organization against employees...

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The Impact of Minimum Wage on Unemployment

The minimum wage has been a contentious issue in most countries in the world. There are proponents and antagonists for the issue and many concerns have been raised about the benefits and pitfalls of each argument. In the United Kingdom, the government and bodies such as Low Pay Commission (LPC)...

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Risk Management at Workplace

Identification of the context for risk management is vital in establishing the internal and external parameters that are considered when responding to risks. Identifying tools and ensuring all reasonable steps are taken to determine risks is essential to estimate the inputs required in responding to the risks. On the other...

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Ergonomic Workstation Benefits

The report provides an extensive analysis  of  the benefits an ergonomic workstation in relation to the advantages that come from investing in a well and properly designed workstation. It also provides the analysis of the results of a research conducted using a structured data collection by the use of questionnaire...

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Workplace Simulation 1

Date: * I understand that by typing my name or inserting a digital signature into this box that I agree and am bound by the above student declaration. Important assessment information Aims of this assessment This simulated workplace assessment activity is conducted to the standard expected in the workplace in order to demonstrate...

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Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Aspects of Labor

The author tries to examine the theory of labor supply. This theory provides the analysis of the basic factors that determine whether a person is willing to offer labor force, and if so, the number of hours one can prefer to spend while working. The author has also tried to...

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