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Alternative Choices for Better Group Process

Work Groups are an important organ in any given organization. These units bring together individuals from different socio-cultural, political and economic divides. This enables the Work groups to bring together a wealth of knowledge so as to mitigate on issues and challenges faced at places of work. (Gary Daniel, 2017)....

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The Importance of a Vacation Policy

Implementing a New Vacation Policy After holding exit interviews with a number of departing consultants, I was overwhelmed by the number of employees who had failed to take their vacation days. Our average consultant has thirty-three days of accumulated PTO. I understand many of the pressures that make most of you...

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Business Analysis Techniques

According to Duboff (2011) marketing research is the process of collecting information about the business’ competitors, market, and customers. I conducted an interview with three Subject Matter Experts (SME) doing research work as their primary occupation to understand the role of market research. There were three open-ended questions that I...

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Benefits and Insights Gained From This Activity From The Perspective of A Client

Choosing career at the earliest stage in life is one of the aspects that determine the future. Notably, there are various factors that determine one’s career choice such as passion, employment prospects, and advice from career educators, counselors or family members.   Critical to underscore is that the need to make...

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Procedural Justice in Workplace

Procedural Justice According to Tyler (333), procedural justice is the notion that fair processes in dispute resolution result in equitable outcomes. It, therefore, concerns itself majorly with the transparency and fairness of the decision-making and implementation processes. For justice to be considered procedural, certain conditions have to be met. First, there...

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Strategies to Resolve Conflicts

During my internship at Bank of America, IT Department During my internship years at Bank of America, IT Department, I worked with groups and successfully completed projects for which we (the team) received recognition and rewards from the senior managers. However, the course was not always easy as conflicts arose in...

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The Relationship Between Employers and College Students

Employers and college student’s perception towards various issues is an aspect that has a lot of discrepancies. In the article “Well Prepared in Their own eyes” by Scott Jaschik demonstrates on some of the issues that students and employers agree on and those that they differ over. However, what is...

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Minimum Wage in the United States

Minimum wage is lowest legally accepted wages that an employer can pay a worker. It was introduced in the United States in 1938 during the great depression and was initially set at $0.25 per hour but has been adjusted 22 times by United States Congress. It was recently raised by...

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Gender Segmentation, Unfair Work Conditions for the Racial Minorities, and Those with Disabilities

Work in Canada: Future Prospects Work is a term that refers to employment. It is true to state that nature through which work is done has changed over the years not only in Canada but also in the other countries of the world. By analyzing the issues of inequality, insecurity, post-industrialism,...

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Millennial in the Workplace: A Communication Perspective

Karen k. Myers " Kamyab Sadaghiani (2010).Millennial in the workplace: A communication Perspective on Millenials’ organizational Relationships and Performance. Journal of Business and Psychology, 25(2), 225-238.doi: 10.1007/s10869-010-9172-7 Stance: Pro-millennial Authors credentials: A leader who has managed to create a friendly working environment between the supervisors and the millennial at work Intended Audience: Different...

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My Experience as a Volunteer in Samaritans

Huddersfield Samaritans Huddersfield Samaritans is a group of volunteers who have helped people in need for more than 45 years. The group started its operations in 1968 at its branch that is located on Trinity Street. Today, the group operates from its centre in Huddersfield offering education and training to the...

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My Career As A Social Worker

I am a dedicated, enthusiastic, professional person with extensive experience in social work. Such traits are crucial as they enhance me even in the most challenging environments.  As a social worker, my main commitment is the deliverance of highest standard of service at all times and utilizing my strong communication...

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