Essays on Customer Service

Customer Service in Banking

Good customer service is vital to the survival of any business in any industry. Despite this, companies in Jamaica have little appreciation of how important this is. My focus will be on the banking industry in Jamaica, with emphasis on customer service at the National Commercial Bank. Customer service in banking...

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customers have different tastes and preferences When it comes to products and services. When it comes to the academic arena, some students prefer to study in Kuwait while others abroad. Studying both abroad and in Kuwait serve the same need which is to earn a degree. However, there are differences between...

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Cancellation of Pre-Orders

Thanks for making orders with our company. As a company, we were pleased with your order and gave it much consideration. The computers you ordered are of good quality and high speed. As you’re aware, our products are delivered on time once requested by customers and of right conditions. In...

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Customer Service: Elevating Service Standards

Dialogue in a restaurant between the clerk and Jane “A shake, fries, and burger, please…….a shake, fries, and burger, please. Next customer” The clerk asked “Can you make your order?” Jane shouted “A mango juice and fries…eh…cheeseburger but do not include the onion, please” The clerk yelled behind her “A mango juice,...

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Customer Loyalty and Retention

1. To compromise on the customer expectation is serious jeopardy in the competitive environment. Today, Tom is junior employee and Carl is superior. Tom never knows about tomorrow; he might be the superior the other day. He should make decision not informed solely by unit of command that Carl is...

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Tesco and Aldi Customer Service

The success or failure of any business organization depends on its customer service practices. The primary focus builds good linkages and working relationships with consumers. It is important for the company to thank its clients and promote a positive, mutual, and friendly business environment so as to leave a great...

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Customer Contact Center in the Cloud

Barr, Jeff. “Amazon Connect – Customer Contact Center in the Cloud.” AWS, 28 Mar. 2017. Barr reveals that Amazon’s customer care center lacks a cloud enabled system and has most of their programs and data stored in hard drives. Consequently, the team on the desks is limited as they cannot do...

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Amazon's Login and Pay with Amazon

Panzarino, Mathew. “Amazon's ‘Login and Pay with Amazon’ Service Challenges PayPal for the Web’s Payment Business.”, 8 Oct. 2013. The author analyzes the safety of login details of the Amazon pay services account holders and the nightmare they face when contacting customer service. He recommends that the company develop safety...

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The JetBlue Valentine's Day Crisis

The JetBlue Airline's Lack of Risk Management Protocol The most significant business problem about the JetBlue airline is the fact that the company lacks a well-designed risk management protocol. During the storm on Valentine's Day, other airlines canceled all flights due to the predicted bad weather, but JetBlue organization decided to...

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Dear Customer

Notice of Delayed Delivery Dear customer unfortunately, we will not be able to deliver the kits that you ordered for from our stores. We have received an influx in our ordering services that are security encrypted. However, we cannot process the requests due the amount of supply that our company can...

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Customer Service Level of Kayaks Incorporated

From the table, it can be noted that fifteen out of twenty-five orders were successfully shipped on schedule. This would represent about 60% of the customer satisfaction. The degree of customer service provided at Kayaks is established on the order fill rates. Through this Kayaks will ensure that the demands...

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The Importance of Paying Attention

For communication to be considered complete There must be the sender and the receiver and in that case, when the receiver sends a feedback message to the sender, then it is termed as a complete communication. Early scholars described a simple communication in a form comprising of a messenger, channel of...

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