Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy used by most businesses to handle interactions with present and prospective customers (Tandon et al., 2017).

As the senior project advisor for AMIR's international, I will employ the following tactics to successfully install CRM. First, I will undertake thorough planning by identifying and prioritizing AMIR's CRM short-term and long-term needs. I will then prioritize AMIR's consumers and learn more about them through social listening. The same goes for the rest of the world (Tandon et al., 2017). It is also important for businesses to engage their customers to ensure that they are providing services to meet their needs. The strategies will then be communicated to the employees and ensure they are responsive to customer needs. Finally, the employees will be trained, and a quality IT infrastructure set up to make sure that the CRM is successful.

Q. 2

Mashkin lacked a proper plan during files transfer, and this made users more inefficient than ever before. Another reason is that the company did not provide an appropriate structure to ensure that its staff completed their training. Moreover, Mahikin’s sales personnel and financial advisors preferred to use an old technology which was inefficient.

Q. 3

Using the example of Russia, CRM practice has shown to be beneficial. According to Tandon et al. (2017), when the CRM is well designed, it ensures that businesses to put customers at the forefront. This helps to improve profitability because having a CRM system enables an organization to have a clear overview of its customers and their demands.

Q. 4

Most Russian firms face challenges in the implementation phase of CRM because they do not communicate the CRM strategy with their staff yet the employees are the ones who implement the CRM. Successful CRM implementation will help the firms to understand the needs of their customers better, increase referrals and reduce customer churn.


Tandon, M. S., Sharma, N. N., & Bhulal, V. K. (2017). The Impact of Customer Relationship Management and its Significant Relationship to Customers' Satisfaction in Cooperative Banking: (A Case Study of Kangra Central Co-operative Bank). Global Journal Of Enterprise Information System, 9(2), 59-66. doi:10.18311/gjeis/2017/15924

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