Essays on Biography

Either you write your own biography essay or compose essays on some famous figure’s biography, you need to learn a thing or two on how biography essays are written. The biography should always start on the date and place of birth, as well as the place of upbringing. It's also important to go into considerable detail while addressing family history and background which will help understand the conditions in which a person was shaped. When you start with life’s path description, go over education and career. Significant portions of essays on biography concern with personal life descriptions and hobbies. Need more ideas? Take a browse through our biography essay samples – we picked various essay samples that cover different biography-themed essays you can check.

An Economic Autobiography

In the summer of 2002, I was born in the United Arab Emirates. At the moment, the world was suffering from one of the UAE’s major recessions. My father remembers the year as difficult. He was working on a contract that expired in 2001, at a time when finding another…

Words: 1298

Pages: 5

Dr. Seuss’s Biography

Theodor Seuss Geisel, a cartoonist, and author is most recognized as a popular author of children’s book of the 20th century. Seuss left his Massachusetts home having attained the age of eighteen years in order to attend Dartmouth College. Here, Dr. Seuss was appointed to be the humor magazine’s chief…

Words: 859

Pages: 4

All About Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock is a famous artist well known for his great talent in painting. He was the youngest in his family (Pollock 11), born on January 28th, 1912 in Cody, Wyoming. Thomas Benton was his tutor, taught him the basics of painting and influenced most of his early works. Later…

Words: 652

Pages: 3

Virginia born Lewis Binford

Lewis Binford’s birth took place in Norfolk in Virginia at the time of the Great Depression in 1932. The name of his father was Joseph Lewis Binford while his mother’s name was Eoline Roberts Binford. Binford went to government established schools due to his parents’ humble income. As early as…

Words: 947

Pages: 4


Byron Kim Bibliography Kim Byron is a contemporary artist that was born in La Jolla California in 1961. His early years in art were in the 1990s where he produced artwork with single colours on canvases. His works made a major contribution to the Whitney Biennial. Part of his signature…

Words: 2088

Pages: 8

Biography of Harold Adam Innis

Harold Adam Innis, a Canadian professor of political economy, was born in 1894 in Southwestern Ontario in Oxford County. Harold’s parents practiced farming and were association Baptists. Harold started his schooling in Sunday college and the local one-room public school. His high college career began at Otterville High School proceeded…

Words: 1818

Pages: 7


William matthew Flinders has made great contributions to the methods and techniques of field excavations. An Egyptologist and archeologist, he was born in 1853 in Charlton Kent, England. The dating method used by archeologist in reconstructing history was invented by him. Popularly known as Mathew Petrie, his interest in Egyptology…

Words: 580

Pages: 3

Johann Sebastian Bach

The US has produced a truthful share of outstanding composers and songwriters who have made a great contribution into the tune industry not solely to the country but to the world as well. However, a move from the American frontier to the boarders of the European countries exposes one to…

Words: 993

Pages: 4

Ludwig van Beethoven: the German Musical wonder!

Ludwig Van Beethoven was a pianist and composer of German origin. His music is greatly distinct from the rest because of their large extended architectonic designs that featured broad templates, musical materials, and motifs developed through ‘modulation’ technique (Swafford 92). The technique involved an adjustment of the home keys through…

Words: 610

Pages: 3

Pope John Paul II Biography

On 18 May 1920, in Wadowice, Poland, Papal John Paul II was conceived of Karol Józef Wojtyla. In 1946 he was appointed priest of Ombi, in 1958, and in 1964 he became supervisor of the diocese of Cracow. In 1967, as named by Pope Paul VI, John Paul II was…

Words: 1165

Pages: 5

Discourse on Nelson Mandela

Discourse on Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela (1918-2013) was born in Qunu, South Africa, to a tribal leader. He was to replace his father, according to tradition. He decided to seek a career in politics instead. In the year 1939, Nelson Mandela went to Fort Hare University College, where he studied…

Words: 548

Pages: 2

A Speech about Winston Churchill

In the family of the dukes of Marlborough in 1874, on 30 November and in 1965 on 24 Jan, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was born. He was an official of the British government and served as Prime Minister between 1940 and 1945 and also in the UK between 1951 and…

Words: 693

Pages: 3

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