Essays on Self Awareness

Career Planning as a registered nurse

Becoming a Professional Nurse Being a certified, registered nurse is a lengthy professional path that must be planned. Before pursuing nursing as a career, it is critical to complete a self-awareness assessment to determine whether one is motivated to be a nurse and considers it an ideal work. Yet, the professional...

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Intelligence and Policy Intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. It also relates to one’s logical capacity, level of comprehension, and self-awareness. The ability to learn, plan, create, and solve issues determines one’s level of intellect. The ability of an individual to control his or her emotions...

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Philosophy of Leadership

Leadership and Influence Leadership is the capacity to involve others and sway them in the right direction. It entails exhibiting self-awareness, passion, and a distinct purpose, which indicates influence rather than authority (Toegel & Barsoux, 2012). Inspiration and teamwork are the foundations of effective leadership, not control or intimidation. I think...

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A Conflict Management Report

Many people have gone through the process of managing conflict at some point in their lives, which typically occurs at work. The majority of the time, conflict between individuals and teams is unavoidable; nevertheless, the outcomes of those conflicts cannot be predicted. Conflict can sometimes result in nonproductive outcomes, even...

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Forces of self motivation

One of the forces that pushes people to unite their efforts in order to develop or carry out a specific idea is motivation. However, for individuals or groups to stay motivated and go above and beyond their expected efforts, active identification within an organization is necessary. One of the key...

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The Concept of Consciousness The knowledge I already understood as described in the module was the concept of consciousness. From my point of view, consciousness refers to the state where a person is aware of himself and his immediate environment or surroundings. I was also aware that drugs could influence a...

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