Essays on Personal Beliefs

The Organisms for Survival

I completely disagree with the aforementioned assertion. I firmly believe that other species, which are classified by taxonomy into other categories such multicellular animals, fungi, and plants, are necessary for human survival. If we weren t able to hunt animals, which helps to increase and feed the human population, we...

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Social Justice, Utilitarianism and Intersectionality

Human life also has numerous sociological and ecological problems. The response depends on the personal viewpoint when exposed to various factors. Some social influences can, however, influence an individual s psychological disposition. The philosophy of man has been clarified. This is a talk of intersectionality, utilitarianism and perception of intersectionality...

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Real Leadership

Authentic leadership Authentic leadership refers to a way to lead people frankly and to the views and insight of the problems and issues concerned as followers. The essence of authentic leadership is ethical, other people s thoughts and ideas matter to a leader. A true leader does not get influenced by...

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Personal Friendship experience

Friendship: A Greater Emotional Connection My definition of friendship is that it is a connection between persons of reciprocal gain and affection which creates a greater emotional connection between people than a partnership. Honesty, sympathy, self-sacrifice, empathy, kindness, and shared understanding are some of the features that characterize my understanding of...

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