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Writing an about myself essay might sound easy, but in reality, it's really hard to capture all of the things that make a person special. While writing about myself essays, make sure to share the detail of your biography as well as your hobbies and aspirations. It's always a great idea to include information about things that shaped you as a person – maybe its education, travel, peculiar nuances about family history, etc. We put together a list of great about myself essay samples below that you can check out to see how other people go about writing their own essays on about myself topic. Your essays will surely stand out if you include some tips from the essay samples provided here. Take a peek!

Sociology Game of Life

I’m not where I would like to be in life right now. In a less affluent area of the suburbs, I live alone in a single room. I am totally dependant on my parents for all of my necessities, as I have no source of income. My parents also provide…

Words: 754

Pages: 3

Speech pursuing a Bachelor’s degree

I’m [your complete name] and welcome to the site. I’ve held [the job role] at [the organization] for [note the number of years]. I’m now pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in [name of course] at [name of institution] University in [indicate year of study]. I have showed my proficiency in [skills,…

Words: 133

Pages: 1

Plan of action in Life

My strategy for handling the Lot in Life scenario I selected was heavily influenced by my upbringing and personal experience. I would respond to the circumstance in the same manner as my parents did when I was just fourteen years old. I could identify to this subject on many levels…

Words: 1237

Pages: 5

Observation Paper

The stabilometric platform is a piece of gym equipment that consistently astounds me. After every training session, I feel comfortable standing to evaluate my biometric status. When instructed to stand on it, the aesthetics and design are pleasing to the sight and give off a professional air of well-being. The…

Words: 855

Pages: 4

Different colors

It is important to emphasize As I grew older, I started to get interested in particular aspects of life. One of these that stands out is my love of color. As I matured, I came to understand that colors had meanings beyond mere pigmentation, and I started to associate different…

Words: 286

Pages: 2


I’m always drawn to turquoise. I have been fixating on anything with any turquoise hue for a very long time. In my senior year of high school, I came to appreciate turquoise after seeing a photo of the sea encircling the Pacific Ocean’s white sand beaches. I took a screenshot…

Words: 317

Pages: 2


I’ve been asked many times if I can continue with the revolution now that I know what I know. My answer has always been and will always be affirmative. I regret that people had to die as a result of the revolt. However, I believe that if we had not…

Words: 589

Pages: 3

My Life Changing Experience

Throughout elementary and middle school, I was known as the quietest student in the class. As I entered 11th grade, the condition deteriorated, and my classmates dubbed me “the quiet one.” I was the one that everybody assumed would shrink in the back of the classroom if a teacher called…

Words: 859

Pages: 4

Bibliography of the Husband

I’m Craig Ferguson, Domino’s pizza controller, born October 25, 1971, Tennessee, Kentucky. I’m the second-born in the family of three, and I’m married to Kimberly. We’ve got two children together, Kyle and Jennifer. I enjoy traveling, playing and watching soccer, as well as gardening. While I take part in the…

Words: 661

Pages: 3

A Reflective Essay

I feel comfortable openly discussing my socioeconomic status and history, but it’s not something I actively participate in. I assume that part of who I am is my socioeconomic status or history. I do not shy away from disclosing my background experience and socioeconomic status on the basis of this,…

Words: 319

Pages: 2

Reflection Paper on Classism

How can you describe yourself with respect to the socio-economic class? How do you feel about claiming this identity?? What did you learn from the perspectives of the people around you and the course lectures about your own identity? I should describe myself as a worker responsible and hard-working citizen…

Words: 1662

Pages: 7

Psychological issue

What are the two psycho-social/spiritual concerns you have learned about yourself in relation to sickness, disability, and death? The first psychological dilemma I learned about myself about sickness, death and death is that the fact that I die worries about the future and about my plan. The idea that everyone…

Words: 644

Pages: 3

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