Personal attribute

I am a very committed and independent student. I treat my schooling with the respect it merits. I make sure to keep up with my coursework and turn in my projects on time. I've been able to get the most out of everything I've been given to work with thanks to my self-driven mentality. As evidenced by my GPA scores, I am pleased with my current accomplishments. My exceptional sense of enthusiasm shines through in all of my endeavors.

My ability to observe intently is one of my life's distinguishing characteristics. I am an excellent listener, but my outgoing personality prevents people from noticing this. My peers always mistake my loudness to someone who cannot sit down and listen to whatever others have to say. On the contrary, my listening skill is very good. In a conversation, for example, I get to understand each bit of the statements put across. I not only listen but also internalize everything said to help me make critical decisions on my next move. Good listening skills are essential to avoid misunderstanding and help boost relationships. A good listener will always be in good terms with the people surrounding him or her because it shows how much he values and respect their personality.

The remarkable listening art is an important aspect of my life because it is the secret that enables me to go on with my day-to-day lives. I gain knowledge through good listening. I am able to understand everything and make critical decisions through good listening. The art would be very helpful in the development of my career. I add on to my continuous professional developments points through interacting with many colleagues and sparing some time to listen and internalize on their ideas. The listening skill is the reason for my excellent performance in my academic work.

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