Essays on Poetry

A good poetry essay analyzes the topic from different perspectives. Some define poetry as the art of figurative expression of thoughts in words, in other words, a mastery of the word. For others, poetry is an attempt to express an understanding of the surrounding world through literary composition. Many poetry essays define a poem as an expression of a certain idea in a form that is both understandable and is pleasant to others, forcing the reader to empathize with the author. Poems may or may not reflect the real world. According to most essays on poetry it, same as other art, gives us a description of the world, expresses or evokes emotions, pleases us with its form and sound. If you look through poetry essay samples below, you may find some useful notes in the essay samples we compiled.

Pop Art

A piece of art is anything that involves the creative arts, whether it be a painting, a monument, a poem, a piece of music, or anything else. It should have a strong visual appeal and be the result of simple creativity. A really attractive thing that is shown or iterated…

Words: 675

Pages: 3

Symbolism in the Glass by Tennessee Williams

Tom, an aspiring poet, Amanda, Tom’s mother, and Laura, Tom’s sister, are the three main characters who frequently appear in Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie. There are also other individuals, such as Laura’s father Mr. Wingfield, who disappeared years ago and has never been heard from again. Amanda is disappointed…

Words: 762

Pages: 3

The Song of Roland

The Song of Roland is a classic poem by Turold that depicts the confrontation of the Roncevaux war. The poem is a medieval literary portrait that extols creative writing techniques (Smith). The poem is set in ancient times and consists of nine writings in French. The core theme of the…

Words: 1556

Pages: 6

My Papa’s Waltz by Theodore Roethke

My Papa Waltz is a poem that, when read literally, describes an oppressive father-son relationship. The poem’s figurative sense, on the other hand, depicts a loving and caring father-son relationship. The use of words such as “With a palm caked hard by mud” in “My Papa’s Waltz” may reflect the…

Words: 1483

Pages: 6

Poetic Style and Genre in Poems

The willingness to use appeal in literary works has remained the defining characteristic that distinguishes modern literature writers from literature writers who are communicating to a particular audience. While a wide variety of literary works, such as songs, novels, plays, and many other types, are important, poems have continuously been…

Words: 1734

Pages: 7

My Papa’s Waltz by Theodore Roethke

As interpreted literally, My Papa’s Waltz is a poem that describes an unhealthy father-son relationship. The poem’s figurative sense, on the other hand, depicts a loving and caring father-son relationship. The use of words such as “With a palm caked hard by mud” in My Papa’s Waltz may reflect the…

Words: 1544

Pages: 6

The Historical Context of ‘Love’s Growth’ By John Donne

According to Stewart (5), John Donne was one of the most well-known philosophical poets of his day, who discussed many topics related to nature and truth in life in his poetry. As a lawyer and a minister, Donne gave sermons and wrote poetry from personal experience, earning him the moniker…

Words: 2269

Pages: 9

Marie de France

Marie de France glorifies the subject of passion in his poetry. All three poems (Lais, Lanval, and Laustic) depict the various facets of love Marie expresses to society. Most of the poetry focuses on different forms of love; for example, the Lais depicts selfish and unselfish love and its manifestations,…

Words: 2074

Pages: 8

to his coy mistress

The first person figurative voice is used extensively in the poem ‘To his Coy Wife.’ Andrew Marvell’s work is classified as a monologue due to his use of the first-person character, ‘I.’ Nonetheless, the dramatic nature of the poem is seen as he addresses a second person using himself as…

Words: 901

Pages: 4

The Poem A Nosty Fright

The poem A Nasty Fright exemplifies knowledge of both sound and meaning. Any reader would definitely conclude at first that it has no meaning because it is a jumble of words with and without meaning. First and foremost, a dictionary or thesaurus would be worthless. The first four lines are…

Words: 613

Pages: 3

Whitman’s poem; “Song of me”

Whitman’s poem “Song of me,” as the father of American poetry, embodies a message of national harmony and togetherness. A closer reading of his song shows that Whitman uses the term himself to illustrate that every person types the single word in the debate. I also see a clear parallel…

Words: 271

Pages: 1

Adrienne Rich’s A Woman Mourned By Daughters

Adrienne Rich’s A Woman Mourned By Daughters is an evocative poem in which two sisters struggle to connect with their deceased mother. This poem is divided into many parts, beginning with the death of the mother and progressing backward in time to when the women were young girls. The poem…

Words: 549

Pages: 2

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