Essays on Poetry

A good poetry essay analyzes the topic from different perspectives. Some define poetry as the art of figurative expression of thoughts in words, in other words, a mastery of the word. For others, poetry is an attempt to express an understanding of the surrounding world through literary composition. Many poetry essays define a poem as an expression of a certain idea in a form that is both understandable and is pleasant to others, forcing the reader to empathize with the author. Poems may or may not reflect the real world. According to most essays on poetry it, same as other art, gives us a description of the world, expresses or evokes emotions, pleases us with its form and sound. If you look through poetry essay samples below, you may find some useful notes in the essay samples we compiled.

Shakespeare's Sonnet: How Do I Compare To A Summer Day

For my first task, I chose William Shakespeare's how do I compare thee to a summers day. My initial reaction to the poem is one that I felt connected to the poem; the comparison of love to seasons and how they are so alike in human nature and...

Words: 849

Pages: 4

Edward Thomas and John Betjeman on the Collapse of Aldestrop Railway Station

Document A: John Betjeman, in Architectural Review, 1933. Document B: Edward Thomas, from Poems, 1917. Adlestrop. Introduction In 1914, there was a demolition of a monumental part of railway infrastructure in London. Such act marked a new era of practice and research. Various buildings were demolished along the North London railway station. For...

Words: 1180

Pages: 5

Limbo in The Divine Comedy

1. Why are pagan souls dammed in limbo? Describe also the scene with the philosophers. Limbo exist in the first circle of Dante s Hell and it preserved to souls who did not get saved due to natural circumstances. The pagans are dammed in limbo since they did not sin nor...

Words: 1371

Pages: 5

Our Vanishing Night

Verlyn Klinkeborg article “Our Vanishing Night” was published by National Geographic in 2008 that shed light on the excessive use of artificial lighting. Verlyn indicate that artificial lighting is another type of pollution that directly affects ecosystems and humans. Verlyn set the audience of the article as the educated citizens...

Words: 1098

Pages: 4

The Influence of Martin Heidegger on Paul Celan

Paul Celan and Martin Heidegger are well-known writers within the literary circles of the 19th century. Their works were taken in high regards owing to their skills and uniqueness in styles of writing and beliefs. It is worth noting that Celan had much admiration for Heidegger due to his ideas...

Words: 1977

Pages: 8

The Connection between Nature and the Human Soul in William Wordsworth's "Lines Written in Early Spring"

William Wordsworth ideas behind human perception entail the way people perceive things and that it can be different even if they receive the same stimuli. This ideal means that each individual’s mind is unique and complex, placing more worth on the individual mind. The poem, Lines Written in Early Spring,...

Words: 891

Pages: 4

The Importance of Good Motherhood

There exist different types of parents in our societies. There are all types of mothers around this world[u1] . Some parents exhibits positive traits while others exhibit negative characters. who are good and some aren't[u2]. Parenthood more so motherhood presents risks, challenges and responsibilities in equal Beingmeasures.  a mother isn't easy...

Words: 1142

Pages: 5

Comparison of Poems by Jo Shapcott

Jo Shapcott is a prolific poet that had won national poetry more than once. He was trained both in Britain and America, Shapcott writes about Smells, Identity, Sexual politics, Myths, Language as well as Bodies. He uses both surrealist and feminist wit to create poetic themes, styles, powerful imaginative and...

Words: 1814

Pages: 7

Vocabulary of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe, 1809 to 1849, is an American essayist, short story compiler, and poet arguably viewed as one of the best as well as complex American literary figures that inspired many writers in the 19th century even beyond Gothic theme (Hutchisson 01). The choice of horrific themes and tones,...

Words: 1598

Pages: 6

Analysis of The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot

Eliot's poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock": An Exploration of Modernist Poems Eliot's poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" is termed as a pioneer of the Modernist poems, owing to its awakening of the literary world to an entirely new world. The poem is centered on the...

Words: 1172

Pages: 5

Analysis of Langston Hughes' Blues Poems

Langston Hughes: A Study of Blues Poems Langston Hughes was an African American Poet who had a passion for blues. A study on the six poems of Langston Hughes shows how almost all the poems follow a typical form where the first line gives a statement, the second line gives a...

Words: 983

Pages: 4

The "Wild Geese" by Mary Oliver

The “Wild Geese” is one of the most arresting poems by Mary Oliver, exploring the relationship between nature and humanity. The primary theme of the “Wild Geese” is the nature’s wonders and beauty, acknowledging how the world would become a better place if human beings adjust themselves with it. Through...

Words: 841

Pages: 4

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