Essays on Science Fiction

The Question of Mystique

I would like to swap positions with Mystique for a day if I could. She is the most fascinating and enjoyable superhero I am aware of, so that's why. In addition, Mystique is young and healthy by nature, and the only limit to her strength is your imagination. Furthermore, because...

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A well-known science fiction and action film with many scenes is X-men. It was adapted from a beloved comic book and improved to become a hugely successful film. Because it enhances several key elements essential to the film industry, X-men is important to the science fiction and action movie landscape....

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Common Application Essay of USA College Admissions

The Klingon Virtue of Endurance and Tenacity The phrase Qapla’ means success in Klingon. In Star Trek, Klingons are a warrior race who love challenges. The more impossible the situation, the more they delight in it regardless of the task that they face. This became a trait I internalized and used...

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All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury

"All Summer in a Day" is a short story by Ray Bradbury. It was first published in the March 1954 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. The story deals with a young girl named Margot who is unable to describe the sun. Despite her best efforts, she...

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Fahrenheit 451 and Mass Censorship

Fahrenheit 451 is widely regarded as Ray Bradbury's masterpiece. It is also one of the futuristic novels (along with Brave New World and 1984) that are said to have correctly predicted the future. Although this novel, published in 1953, does not accurately forecast current affairs, it does eerily capture key...

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