A well-known science fiction and action film with many scenes is X-men. It was adapted from a beloved comic book and improved to become a hugely successful film. Because it enhances several key elements essential to the film industry, X-men is important to the science fiction and action movie landscape. The movie X-men portrays the conflict between good and evil and appeals to audiences of all generations. The characters in the film X-men introduce and symbolize significant themes, including femininity, patriarchy, as well as issues of gender and race. X-men has promoted important issues and enhanced these topics through the use of state of the art movie features and outcomes. The different characters in X-men have unique superpowers, and the actors all perform different roles that are vital in the development of the film.

In the initial installments of X-men movies, one is introduced to the main characters of X-men who include Jean, Storm, Logan, Mystique as well as Rogue among others. Jean Grey is presented as one of the man characters in the film and is depicted as a character with identity disorders and split personalities. However, she has a vital role to play in the movie due to her far superior powers. Logan, also known as Wolverine, is also another important character who is crucial to the film (Kaklamanidou 69). Logan is a loner who fights off his animal instincts to help the team. Though he is not a team player, he has a vital role to play in the film. Scott Summers is yet another famous X-men character who contributes to the development of the movie. Scott has gone through many personal situations but possesses strong leadership qualities that are vital to the team.

Professor Xavier has a key role to play in the X-men movie, and without him, there would be no X-men. Professor is the world’s most powerful telepath and has put together the X-men Institute where he nurtures various abilities of his students. Storm is one of the original X-men and is a major figure of authority and leadership in the X-men film (Hendricks 27). Though she came from a dark past, she managed to dig deep down and use her superhero powers for the greater good. Rogue is another important X-man and is central to the plans of the entire group. Rogue has little control over her unique abilities but learns how to use her skills with the help of the team. Beast as well is another important X-men character and is a genius who spends most of his time in research.

X-men manages to portray diversity through different characters, which is commendable. X-men shows dynamic and progressive individuals who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures and possess unique powers and abilities (Sanderson 15). Throughout all the X-men movies, there are many actors and characters, and these represent different individuals from different races, cultures, religions and geographical locations. It reveals aspects of globalization that continue to occur in the modern era. Race and gender have also been equally represented throughout the films, and this has a significant impact on the perception of the viewer. Therefore, the actors in x-men represent various themes and aspects which are critical to the movie.

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