Essays on Discipline

Discipline is the act of enforcing rules on children.

Most communities around the world also agree that punishing children is the only way to teach them discipline. As a result of the harsh punishments that some parents administer to their children in the name of discipline, there have been reports of serious injury and even death. If the pattern…

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My believe in capital Punishment

Capital punishment refers to the procedure of killing persons to be disciplined for such offenses without an effective court process. In the near years, various expert opinions have arisen with some people opposed to it, while others supported it (Collier 1). The heated debate on this subject is based on…

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About training

It is often prudent for one to become acquainted with the local rules and customs of the country they wish to visit. Familiarity with the rules makes it possible to be responsive to workmates, neighbors, and others. It’s also a sure way to stay out of trouble. Singapore, like every…

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Anne Curzan “Says Who? Teaching and Questioning the Rules of Grammar”

A few intriguing and divisive questions clearly stand out in “Says Who? Teaching and Challenging the Laws of Grammar by Anne Curzan. In a wider and more important perspective, the points put forth by Curzan are very exciting, in the sense that vocabulary and the field of linguistics as a…

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Alexandra Samuel, in Plug in Better

Alexandra Samuel, in ‘Plug in Better Grant: a Manifesto and Malcolm Gladwell,’ in ‘Small Change: Why the Movement Will Not Be Tweeted,’ says that technology has both benefits and pitfalls in terms of online social relations. If technology is used properly, it will bring about social improvements and enable people…

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Disciplinary Perspective

Disciplinary perspective is a manner in which a particular discipline views and approaches the appreciation of dilemma, challenge or problem in the world. It entails the specific way in which a concern filters out particular phenomena of interest by a practitioner. Disciplinary viewpoint is different from disciplinary insight because the…

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School Behavior Management

The paper explains the strategies that teachers frequently apply to instill discipline in pupils, strengthen the management of the college, and appreciate the school-friendly decision-making process. Furthermore, the case study provides and emphasizes the degree to which administrators apply behavioral data to help students strengthen their character in school and…

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Spanking Children in School: A structural Perspective

Over the past few years, many shifts have occurred in teachers’ perceptions towards the topic of spanking children or using other types of physical discipline. At present, very few educators will agree that regular use of force is a requirement when dealing with student disciplinary issues. The use of physical…

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Policy on Children

The discipline of schools seeks to ensure that children are taught and nurtured in accordance with the ideology of the school to foster social-emotional growth (Bredekamp 453). The methods of discipline used by the workers must comply with the rules of the school and education board. It is forbidden to…

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Effect of Spanking your Kids

Downsizing a child adversely affects the trust of a child for parents and guardians. Spanking only emerges from frustration in most situations, so kids seem to lose faith each time. As a result, most kids grow up with a similar attitude where whenever they are upset they appear to react…

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romance in love

Social psychology is a field of psychology that deals specifically with multiple social experiences related to their originality and their influence on people. Social psychology is the discipline in which York seeks to break down the enigmatic ways in which individuals lead their lives and explain the means for credible…

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