Essays on Discipline

The Importance of Discipline in Schools

1. California recently enacted a law that precludes willful defiance or disruption of school activities as a reason to expel students. Do you think it is appropriate for the state legislature to decide such an issue or should the issue be addressed by the governing...

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The Role of Managing Children’s Behavior

The role of managing children’s behavior is one of the biggest dilemmas encountered by parents today. There are various ways of improving children’s behavior, including positive reinforcement, taking away privileges, time-out, and physical punishment. Physical punishment is a way of disciplining children by causing them to experience pain in order...

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Discipline in an Organization

Discipline is defined as the control that is gained by enforcing obedience or command. Moreover, it is also conceptualized as a training that corrects, shapes or perfects the mental departments in the moral character of an individual. A person who has discipline has self-control. Disciplining the children ensures that one...

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Arguments Against Spanking

Spanking is termed as a form of corporal punishment that often involves the act of striking another person’s; particularly a child’s, posterior or rather rump in order to physical pain, which is commonly done using an open hand as a response to undesirable. However, more severe forms of spanking can...

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The Difference Between Discipline and Abuse

Difference Between Healthy Discipline and Child Abuse? Before we go about establishing the difference between discipline and abuse, it is important that we define these two terms: Discipline: To make people obey rules through punishment or reward and make them follow a set of rules. Abuse: To treat with cruelty or violence,...

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The Appropriate Documentation Styles Used in the Academic Disciplines

The authority systems have carried out extensive debates of what should constitute a legitimate academic discipline. The uses of academic disciplines have expanded significantly across the globe especially in the learning institutions. Ideally, in the learning institutions, academic disciplines are used in providing a framework in which post-baccalaureate and other...

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Parental Discipline and Child Abuse

Virtually, every community teaches its members how to behave morally in the society. It encourages the members to treat others the same manner they would like to be treated. Ultimately, parents have taken the individual roles of teaching their children the conducts they require in the community. The initiatives involve...

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The Importance of Martial Arts for Girls

Parents always want the best for their children and mine were too. They had taught us to take care of each other, and because I was the man, I had the responsibility of taking care of my sister who was three years younger than me. It was fortunate that we...

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Science and Art

The study of the natural and physical world's structures and behaviors through systematic observation and experimentation is known as science. Examples of this type of subject include physics, criminology, and biology. On the other hand, art is the visual manifestation of someone's ingenuity and imagination; examples of art include painting,...

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Meaning implied by Said on the study of literature as profoundly nonpolitical

Said claims that over the past ten years, an implicit agreement has developed that the study of literature is fundamentally and inherently nonpolitical. He was trying to say that literature is linked to a variety of skills that aren't present in politics. As stated by Said, for example, the use...

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The American Nursing Association

Nursing is defined by the American Nursing Association as the protection, promotion, and optimization of abilities and health, the prevention of illness and injuries, advocacy in the care of individuals, communities, families, and general populations, and the alleviation of suffering through diagnosis and treatment (Alligood & Martha, 2014). The broad notion...

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Perceptions of Undergraduate Nursing Students

Nursing, unlike other disciplines, necessitates a close evaluation of processes since they play a critical role in the provision of patient care and service. The growing number of occurrences of medical errors and patient safety can be ascribed to the quality of education of healthcare providers. Learners should have the...

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