Essays on Parenting

The Kent Day Care Program

One of the major growing concerns in the United States is the amount of time that parents spend with their children and in particular the amount of time working mothers spend with their children. Statistics assert that almost 70% of all moms work outside their homes. While the high income...

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Caring for a Child with a Disorder

Based on healthcare system alone, Japan is the best country to live in. The country boasts of worlds most accomplished doctors hence the regional and private hospitals are equipped with the best doctors in the...

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The World's Worst Mom

In 2008 Lenore Skenazy, let her son find her way back home using the subway alone and, she later wrote the story in a newspaper column which dubbed her the title “America’s Worst Mom.” She had given her son some quarters and some money in case of emergencies, and she...

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The Impact of Technology on Parenting

The greatest social issues facing our nation are not gun violence issues, racial issues, or gender issues; rather, they are the issues of lack of parenting, lack of time building family identity, and an absence of the presence of parents in their children’s lives. We have all heard about...

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Parenting Styles

Parenting styles are diverse and based on cultures contexts and temperaments (Cook " Cook, 2014). Some parenting styles are troubling necessitating the licensing of some parents. Some individuals have taken the aspect so seriously stating that parenting is a responsibility towards the children and a privilege but not a right...

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The Role of Characterization in Child Development

Pocahontas is an animated film. The aspect of child development is evident in theories like cognitive developmental, ecological systems, psychosocial, psychoanalytic, sociocultural, and social learning theories. These theories are well blended into the theme of the film to shape the perspective of a child as the target audience. Characterization introduces...

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Parental Psychological Support for Children Suffering from PTSD

When effective parental psychological support is given to a child, their emotional and social growth can be jeopardized (McGraw, Reupert and Maybery, 2018). Parental psychopathology when dealing with children suffering from PTSD has consistently led to negative outcomes on the mental health of the children. Considering the relationship between parents...

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The Relationship Between Parenting and Aggression Among Teenagers

Upbringing also known as parenting is a task carried out by parents and caretakers to enhance and boost the physical, intellectual social and emotional development of a child. Caretakers have carried out the practice over the past centuries, as it is a responsibility. The process of upbringing is expected to...

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Gloria and Lakeisha

Given what you have learned in Chapter 3 about brain development and social development, explain why Gloria s son is making poor decisions. What specific strategies can Gloria use to help her son make better decisions? From what you have learned about human development and self-regulation, why do you think these strategies...

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The Glass Castle

Life stories shape personalities Life stories shape personalities, or more accurately, they are important parts of the personality. The way people choose to tell stories of their lives always has a narrative arc whereby, in telling the story of how one became who they are, the story itself becomes a part...

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Effects of Parental Absence on Psychological Development of Children

The influence of an absent parent be it the father or the mother and, in some cases, both parents during the growth of a child is a broad and complex subject. In the recent past, the modern-day family structure has evolved and created a scenario where parent’s absence has gained...

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The Importance of Parenting in Child Development

Understanding the developmental stages involved in the growth of a person from early childhood is essential in the field of psychology. The definition for developmental psychology focuses on identifying the scientific study that involves the understanding of the manner in which human beings experience changes in their day-to-day lives. One...

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