Essays on Spanking

Arguments Against Spanking

Spanking is termed as a form of corporal punishment that often involves the act of striking another person’s; particularly a child’s, posterior or rather rump in order to physical pain, which is commonly done using an open hand as a response to undesirable. However, more severe forms of spanking can...

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The Effects of Spanking on Children

Devine, McKenzie B. The Effects of Parenting Styles and Anxiety on School-aged Children's Academic Performance. Diss. University of Wisconsin--Stout, 2016. Professor McKenzie Devine, in the article, provides a deeper insight on the topic of parenting styles and their effects, both long term and short term, on the development of children within...

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Spanking as an Excellent Way of Disciplining Children

Spanking a child is an old method of disciplining a child; nonetheless, there has been much discussion about whether it is an effective method of taming a youngster or has harmful consequences. It is an excellent method for imparting discipline and values in children. In answer to the first opponent's...

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Dicispline and Corporal Punishment

Children are important people in our lives and every family seeks to ensure that they are properly trained to become respectable individuals in society. This is why many parents have used different strategies to instill their offspring's desired behaviour. Discipline and corporal punishment are the techniques used by guardians to...

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Spanking Children in School: A structural Perspective

Introduction Over the past few years, many shifts have occurred in teachers' perceptions towards the topic of spanking children or using other types of physical discipline. The Acceptability of Physical Punishments At present, very few educators will agree that regular use of force is a requirement when dealing with student disciplinary issues. The...

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Effect of Spanking your Kids

Downsizing a child adversely affects the trust of a child for parents and guardians. Spanking only emerges from frustration in most situations, so kids seem to lose faith each time. As a result, most kids grow up with a similar attitude where whenever they are upset they appear to react by...

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