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Any divorce essay will define divorce as a termination of a marriage. Divorce essays often concentrate on reasons for divorce and name: marital infidelity, alienation, spouse’s alcoholism, incompatibility, financial difficulties, emotional or physical violence, lack of understanding, parental interference, the difference in views, spouse's unwillingness to have children, and others. Essays on divorce often showcase statistics, which show that every second marriage nowadays ends in divorce, while just ten years ago it was every third. Essays usually mention that before people decide to get divorced, they should try to resolve their conflicts. The state supports this as well – when couple files for divorce court usually set a waiting period of about 6-12 months, allowing the couple the time to resolve their issues and reconsider before a divorce can be final. Study divorce essay samples below – we handpick the best essay samples that will be insightful.

Causes of Divorce

In the past, the society considered the institution of marriage with the same respect accorded to religious practices. Instances, where couples filed for divorce, were sporadic. However, times are now changing. According to the statistics presented by Harris (1), 40% of marriages in the current generation end up in divorce....

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Effects of Divorce on Children

The term divorce describes the act of legally dissolving a marriage, usually between a man and a woman. However, with the modern social constructs, the term has been modified to include same-sex partners as the law allows for such marriages. Divorce deals with both partners being in unison to terminate...

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The Impact of Divorce on Children

Divorce is quite often a despondent event set apart by disillusionment and the loss of dreams and desires. Also, there are normally several financial, emotional, legal, parental, and functional viewpoints that require changes in routines and responsibilities, and it can take individuals years to recover. In any case, divorce serves...

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The Effect of Divorce on Children

Various studies have established that after separation of parents, the correlation between children and such parents deteriorate. In Afifi’s article exploring the effect of divorce on children, the author contends that divorce tends to make children have weaker relationships with their parents in their future lives (Afifi 27). Her finding...

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The Causes of Divorce in the United States

Hale and hearty marriages are essential for the mental as well as physical well-being of couples and children. However, statistics show that approximately forty to fifty percent of married couples in the United States divorce (John., 2013). The break-up rate for ensuing marriages is even greater. The average interval of marriage...

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Review of Two Articles on Divorce

The writer’s approach to the issue of divorce is presented in manner that both men and women can relate to. Although the analysis is powerful, it may be considered a little too strong for some readers. The reason is that the tone used in the essay may only cause some...

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The Consequences of Divorce

The general trend in the divorce rates over the last 80 years is that there has been a decline in the recent years. Some of the commonly cited explanations for high divorce rate in the U.S. since 1960 include irreconcilable differences, feminism, and finances.             The consequences of the no-fault divorce...

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Divorce as a Social Problem

Divorce is one of the most complex social problems that affect various societies across the world. It has been widely accepted in the society, and since its legalization in the United States of America in 1857, divorce became popular in the 1970s and recent years, more than 50 percent of...

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Edelman vs Edelman

The legal history of this lawsuit began in 1976, the year Duane and Tammi were married. They gave birth to their lone kid in 1983, but they split up in 1992. After Tammi filed for divorce, the supreme court gave an order in 1993 granting joint custody. Tammi received a...

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Relationships Systems

There are many different kinds of families in existence today as a result of numerous social changes. In the past, the only units of the community were the nucleus and extended families. There are a growing number of single parents as divorce rates increase. I thought it was appropriate to...

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Divorce In the United States

Divorce Reconstruction in the United States refers to the time following the Civil War, when white people freed African Americans from slavery in 1865. Due to white people's perception of them as an inferior race, the recently freed slaves confronted many difficulties. The whites worked to limit African Americans' opportunities...

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Why the courts are most effective in enforcing family law

The best way to enforce family rules is through the courts. Family law is frequently intricate and difficult. Courts deal with a variety of family law-related issues, such as divorce and separation, property and asset division, child care and custody decisions, family violence, and conflict resolution. (Becker & Becker 2009)....

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