cathedral thematic analysis

Cathedral is one of the most popular stories in modern times, and it is told by a man whose wife has just welcomed an old friend to their home (Hovland and Brit 625-638). His wife’s blind neighbor, a widower, was going to spend the night at their house. However, the…

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Shahrayar -The Thousand and One Nights

Shahrayar is a character from the Thousand and One Nights Indian stories who ruled over a Persian empire in India. Shahrayar marries his wife, but later discovers her in the arms of another man, prompting him to kill both the wife and the man. Following the incident, Shahrayar believed that…

Words: 849

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“The Merchant’s Tale”

“The Merchant’s Tale” is based on the “fabliau” narrative genre common in medieval French literature. The stories are typically brief and funny, and they involve someone stealing another person’s wife. The main plot of “The Merchant’s Story” is typical of the genre, with the lustful old man being cuckolded by…

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Wife of Bath’s Prologue

The text depicts the intersection of human nature, human deviance, and societal forces that force people to behave in certain ways. The influence of religion on people’s behavior and interrelationships is projected in the Prologue of The Wife of Bath. This is emphasized right from the start of the text,…

Words: 1570

Pages: 6

The Event that Changed My Life

Many times, I’ve overheard people telling me about particular people or incidents in their lives that came along and permanently changed their lives. Most of these people often mention certain exceptional and unusual situations that have had a huge effect on their lives, causing them to change how they view…

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about literary devices

Judy Brady’s dramatic irony has been included in I Want a Wife (1971) as the writer needs a wife to accompany her to college. The writer is a woman, but the reader might first think that she was a male. It is also ironic that a woman should accompany her…

Words: 679

Pages: 3

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