The Event that Changed My Life

Many times, I’ve overheard people telling me about particular people or incidents in their lives that came along and permanently changed their lives. Most of these people often mention certain exceptional and unusual situations that have had a huge effect on their lives, causing them to change how they view and perceive life. It means that while my story might not always be amazing, this has been the single most significant event in my life, according to me. It has to do with the day I met my new wife. She came into my life and changed it in so many ways. It implies that sometimes my story may not be spectacular, but according to me, this has been the most one event that changed the course of my life. It is about the day that I met my current wife. She actually came in my life and in so many ways impacted me more than can be described by just word of mouth. Therefore, I will try as best as I can for portraying how her coming into my life event changed me entirely as well as giving me a whole new world to look at.

Among the essential things that I noticed shortly after meeting with my wife was the fact that she made feel more secure and safe. After meeting her, I realized that I was feeling so good being with her on that very first day and seemed like there was a burden lifted off my shoulders. I instantly felt relaxed and free, as if I will never worry about anything in life. From that point, I knew that she would indeed be of significantly supportive of my decisions and ideas, something that would continuously encourage me in doing the desires of my plan or what I would even want the most in the coming days of my life. She gave me the needed background support that I have always yearned for mainly for my plans. She had the knack to make feel good as well as laugh concerning myself and anything else that was going on at that particular time.

In addition to making me feel emotionally safe, secure, and stable, she also made me feel as if I was financially stable, something that has gone on until today. This is because she made me look so easy, in that it made me feel as if my financial problems are over and I would never worry about money in my life ever again. Besides, she made me think that she was the only one I could trust no matter what happens. Perhaps, this is the reason why I opted to marry her in the first place, as she made feel proud of myself including feeling sound, very safe, and very secure.

My wife, as I can call her, taught me several things in life, which has both impacted me as well as changed the manner at which I feel and think. Sincerely, she was the very first person I fell in love with, and I can soundly mention that it is because of her that I have decided to love unconditionally. She made me know that love between two people transcends any physical boundary and therefore is there to be enjoyed and felt between two individuals. She taught me the importance of being patient in life as well as waiting for good things to take the course in my life, instead of stressing after them yet there is no surety that I would find them. Prior to meeting her, I was often afraid of following my dreams, but the moment she became part of my life she made me feel so confident and healthy, and she told me that I should learn to follow all my dreams to its fullest. Since then, she had been so supportive to me, which has made me to be a better person in life.

If at all anyone can ask me the meaning of having a true and a loving companion in life, I would tell him/her that it was the day I got married to my wife. It is because she has shown me what marriage as an institution entails in life. She has always tried involving me into her life; however, it has always been ‘us’ and will never be ‘I’ and ‘you.’ Moreover, my wife often stressed that we should do fun things together, which has made us to always seek on going to fun, new, as well as exciting places for spending our time while together. Importantly, my wife has always been really honest and faithful in all those years we have been married, and I have sincerely developed a high respect for her for everything that she has done for me.

Therefore, I feel that meeting my wife is the most special event that has actually affected as well as changed the manner in which I perceive and look life. I have for sure learned several things from her, and she has been capable of giving me an absolutely new outlook towards life in general. I am now much wiser, happier, safer, and a confident individual after meeting her. I am so excited that I met her and I would yearn to continue meeting her in all my remaining days on earth, and I would even want to meet her in heaven.

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