the Dieselgate Scandal

Dieselgate, as the controversy is known, was one of the world’s worst corporate scandals in the car industry. Volkswagen was established in 1937 to let more people own cars at a time when the industry was dominated by high-end luxury vehicles. Since then, the company has been exporting cars all…

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Pages: 9

The Struggle Against Racism and Slavery

Racism remains a global phenomenon that has been debated and written about throughout history, and the fight to end it continues, despite the contributions of pioneer abolitionists-such as Fredrick Douglas. The war against bigotry does not seem to be ending, and it seems to be intensifying with the passage of…

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John McWhorter’s article “You Can’t ‘Steal’ a Culture: In Defense of Cultural Appropriation” was published in the Daily Beast. John discusses the topic of cultural interaction in the post, as well as the common perception that certain groups of people are imitating others. The author of the article explains what…

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Pages: 5

novel, Song of Solomon

Toni Morrison, a well-known American author, is lauded for her poetic brilliance in expressing the difficulties of growing up as a female black American in a society dominated by men and white people. Though her writing has earned her acclaim and several awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature…

Words: 1482

Pages: 6

Tourism Industry and Antigua People

This key-word is used to show the influence of the tourism industry on the Antigua people. It is a phenomena that has produced numerous effects on the people including colonialism and bad economic and social conditions. In modern times, this type of recolonization causes profound effects on the people and…

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People are still excited to watch as a new movie is set to be released as a preview. Some viewers watch for entertainment, and others watch for enjoyment and to be frightened if the movie scenes are fantastic. Some people, on the other hand, watch movies to learn life lessons…

Words: 987

Pages: 4

The Reality of Social Class

For a whilst now I have been trying to figure out how social classes work inside a society. I never knew how the poor or the people regarded as low in the social ranking are affected by those who are effective and are ranked high in the social levels. I…

Words: 367

Pages: 2

Teju Cole’s “The White Savior Industrial Complex”

Teju Cole is correct in his argument that the universe today exists to satisfy the nostalgic needs of citizens of the white race. He argues that the White Savior Business Complex is not concerned with justice. It is about getting a powerful emotional experience that validates one’s role (Cole). From…

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Pages: 3

Indians of the Great Plains

The Cheyenne people are the westernmost tribes of the Algonquin band. They used to live far to the east of where they now live. They remained in set settlements and engaged in practices such as land farming, but they later relocated to the west and southwest, leaving some of their…

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The Psychology and Behavior of Terrorism

Terrorism stands out as a global pandemic with a level one security priority. The unfavorable outcome of terror plots raises more questions about the motivations and identities of the perpetrators. One major speculation appears to be the innate motivations for terrorism. Regardless, the investigation into what motivates people to engage…

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Pages: 4

Japanese Culture and Shintoism

a state of mind The main sects of the Japanese people are Buddhism and Shintoism. Both sects have an important place in Japanese society. As a result, this paper will discuss how Shintoism has affected Japanese society. Many people will believe that Shinto is a Japanese faith because it has…

Words: 1447

Pages: 6

Alcoholism Srudy

If the abuse of alcohol is more about the culture one is in than anything else, what that means for somebody fighting the battle with alcoholism is that there are many solutions out there. What has occurred in the country is that most institutions and people have centered on similar…

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