Essays on Social Darwinism

Darwin and Evolution

The core premise of evolution is that organisms change over time and that life can be transferred from one form to another. As a result, anytime someone thinks of evolution, the name Charles Darwin must come to mind. The paper will investigate Darwin's theory of evolution. The theory is also...

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Effects of Eugenics on African-Americans

The social Darwinism of the late 19th century, with all its metaphors for justifying fitness, competitiveness, and inequality, is where modern eugenics got its start. Eugenics was first proposed by Francis Galton, Charles Darwin's cousin and a distinguished scientist. Galton believed that the superior individuals might be multiplied while the...

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The Origins and Ideology of Social Darwinism

The origins and ideology of social Darwinism are discussed in this article. In addition, I discuss some of the criticisms of this theory. What are the main problems with social Darwinism? How can the insights of the natural sciences be combined with those of the social sciences? And finally, how...

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