Essays on Social Stratification

The Impact of Class Stratification in Singapore

Meritocracy is a political policy in which individuals based on the standardized tests are evaluated and given tasks. Various merits are used to make the best judgment. The college degree is a tool that is used worldwide for meritocratic decisions. Meritocracy must have power and authority so that it can...

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The Social Stratification in Hellenic Athens and Ming Peking

In this article focuses on the socials stratification and political system between the two cities. Social stratification describes the social position of an individual in a given society. Individuals are categorized depending on the size of their income or wealth, how much power and influence an individual posse and their...

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Discussion on Meritocracy and Social Stratification

Meritocracy and social stratification are ideal forms of governance only when proper legislation is in place. These strategies have the potential to either create a better society for everyone or disillusion the majority while benefiting a few individuals in the society. The expectations of the society that every individual should...

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Social Stratification in Britain

In sociology, social stratification is the term used to describe the categorization of people within a society, where individuals are classified according to their socioeconomic level; based on aspects such as race, power, education, wealth and income (Jost, John, Danielle Chadly 323). The social groups comprised of people...

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Meritocratic Social Structure in Contemporary Britain

Meritocratic social structure involves a system whereby movement in upward class mobility is achieved through hard work and talent (Young 1994, p.87). Capitalist countries are known to have a meritocratic social structure in which success is based an individual’s effort. The opposite of meritocratic social structure is aristocracy. In countries...

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Social Class in the United States

This paper intends to summarize three articles on social class, an aspect of social stratification in the U.S. The three journals present a general discussion on the social class disparity in the U.S. as outlined below. Social Class and Income Inequality in the United States: Ownership, Authority, and Personal Income Distribution...

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The Davis-Moore Thesis

The majority societies throughout history have been created for the purpose of giving equitable and greater power to citizens. However, the economic and social subgroups of the established systems end up experiencing a less egalitarian shift. Political classes, as well as social classes, are formed in a fashion that is...

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Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting by in America

Generally speaking, stratification refers to the hierarchical organization of the population in a given civilization at a certain time. Sociology has a long tradition of attempting to learn more about economic stratification in general. Additionally, it has long attempted to educate people about the numerous kinds of inequality that are...

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College Education Inequalities by Race, Class, Ethnicity, and Gender

There have been several inequities in the higher education system in recent years. The main factors causing the inequality are race, ethnicity, gender, and class. Extreme instances of inequality that contribute to the stratification of higher education can be found in the US. It is clear from the fact that...

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Social Stratification

Sociologists frequently use the phrase "social stratification" to describe a system of social position. As a result, society groups people into socioeconomic tiers based on hierarchical rankings that are primarily based on numerous characteristics like power, income, race, wealth, and education. Caste-based Societies People are unable to modify their social standing...

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Conflict, Stratification, and Ethnic Groups

A society is a collection of individuals who reside in and interact with one another in a certain place. Both their political systems and their cultures are similar. Apart from that, it is made up of individuals from many ethnic groups and strata. A category of people known as an...

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Definition and Discussion of Social Stratification

A situation of institutionalized inequality is known as social stratification, and the current structure of social ties makes it difficult for people to acquire resources. Institutionalizing inequality refers to the establishment of a hierarchy inside a society, where individuals in particular positions have the right to demand a higher proportion...

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