Essays on Teenagers

The Lover

The Lover is a novel written by Marguerite Duras that is something like an autobiography. The narrator demonstrated the existence of spatial and temporal distinctions. On the surface, it seems that the author was more concerned with telling the story of a love story between a man in his late…

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The age between 13 years and 19 years

Teenagers represent the period between the ages of 13 and 19 when a person transitions from childhood to adulthood. Both cognitive and physical changes occur during adolescence. When a child is under the age of thirteen, psychosocial and material changes will occur during the pre-teen years, between the ages of…

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Health care and Medicine Article

Drug use has been a significant cause of morbidity and mortality all over the world. Alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine, and marijuana are the most commonly used drugs. The number of children, teenagers, and adults who use illegal drugs has increased due to globalization. According to studies, there is a strong relationship…

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“Technology & Young Children” Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a description of an entry that provides some background information about what is going on. The aim of this annotation is to provide an overview of how adolescent and adult literacy are used. Summarization is supposed to provide simple ideas on any source (Clement, 1998). The…

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Children and Technology

Technology makes a huge contribution to people’s happiness. The majority of adults around the world use technical applications for socialization at work and at home. Furthermore, a large number of households around the world own different devices including smartphones and computers. This function increases the probability of young children engaging…

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Culture’s Influence on Everyday Activities from a culture and communication

The everyday actions of humans tend to be more transparently visible than anything else. In reality, most of us spend our days doing the same things over and over again. As a result, a vegan food festival, a Scottish dancing troupe performing the Ceilidh dance, and a group of teenagers…

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Academic Advice

Academic advice is imperative during major exploration, as college students require guidance to choose the correct profession path. The universities are creating courses that enable beginners to interact with qualified academic advisors whose work is to instruct individuals on how to pick the best majors. It is agreeable that some…

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Children Intelligence and Internet

Bower, Peter. Growing up in an online world: The impact of the internet on children and teenagers. This is a journal written by Bower Peter who is a community practitioner. The journal provides data of how children frequently use the social media and the types of machines they used to…

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a scaling study

Research is an unavoidable exercise in our everyday lives because it aids in the comprehension of different phenomena of concern. The foundation of changes in our everyday lives is studied. This article draws on a thesis that was completed on adolescent pregnancy. People of various ages were asked a variety…

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Love overcomes all other Forces in Romeo and Juliet

One of the most popular stories in English literature is William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It is a sentimental tragedy that demonstrates the power of passion in human relationships (Gergi et al 2004). Despite the fact that the play has many themes, love is portrayed as the primary theme, uniting…

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Benefits and risks of psychoactive medication on children

Benefits and drawbacks for children with psychoactive drugs The decision of a trained professional such as a teenager and child therapist is required for psychoactive treatment and prescribing. Symptoms, co-morbid conditions, educational histories, and psychiatric conditions must be taken into account by the doctor. Children correctly diagnosed with psychoactive substance…

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Negative Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

A increasing problem for most parents and other stakeholders is the effect of social media on adolescents. Of particular interest is the increasing impact of social media on adolescents. This is partially due to the fact that they contribute to adolescent growth and can also be a source of adolescent…

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