Essays on Teenagers

a scaling study

Research is an unavoidable exercise in our everyday lives because it aids in the comprehension of different phenomena of concern. The foundation of changes in our everyday lives is studied. This article draws on a thesis that was completed on adolescent pregnancy. People of various ages were asked a variety…

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Pages: 5

Love overcomes all other Forces in Romeo and Juliet

One of the most popular stories in English literature is William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It is a sentimental tragedy that demonstrates the power of passion in human relationships (Gergi et al 2004). Despite the fact that the play has many themes, love is portrayed as the primary theme, uniting…

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Pages: 3

Benefits and risks of psychoactive medication on children

Benefits and drawbacks for children with psychoactive drugs The decision of a trained professional such as a teenager and child therapist is required for psychoactive treatment and prescribing. Symptoms, co-morbid conditions, educational histories, and psychiatric conditions must be taken into account by the doctor. Children correctly diagnosed with psychoactive substance…

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Pages: 2

Negative Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

A increasing problem for most parents and other stakeholders is the effect of social media on adolescents. Of particular interest is the increasing impact of social media on adolescents. This is partially due to the fact that they contribute to adolescent growth and can also be a source of adolescent…

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Pages: 2

The dangerous faceless bully: Teenage cyber bullying

The twenty first century bully is not your usual mean searching Joe at the end of the street block. The modern day bully is a faceless character hiding behind a keyboard. Cases of cyberbullying have steadily risen over the last decade to catastrophic levels. With the myriad social networking platforms,…

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Pages: 4

Teenagers and Birth control

With statistics showing a 9% decline between 2013 and 2014, the pregnancy rate of teenagers decreased (“On Teen Pregnancy | Teen Pregnancy | Health Reproductivity | CDC”). Teenagers appear to lose concentration in life after birth and may become a social burden. During this point, most relationships are experimental and…

Words: 691

Pages: 3

Lives of the Young Generation Influenced by instagram

Teenagers are now brought up in a time of many technical developments, such as the emergency of the Internet and mobile devices. A higher proportion of adolescents had no idea what life was like before social media came into being. As a result of these advancements, a higher percentage of…

Words: 3685

Pages: 14


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