Teaching Preschool Children Learning English for the First Time

Teachers teaching preschool children learning English for the first time need not understand the children’s native language to know how to go about it. Many languages are taught to children just the way English is. Predictably, children learning English for the first time tend to be nervous, silent and observant....

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The Challenges of Solving Child Poverty in Brazil

According to the Brazilian news agencies, approximately 41% of the seven million children below the age of fourteen years live in low-income families (Forte 1). For instance, in northern regions, that have the worst situation, about 60% of children live in households earning below half of the minimum income, where...

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The Impact of Teaching a Second Language to Children

Although several studies previously have been in tandem with the subject under review in this paper, this section of the article will elucidate on the previous reports and give a contextual understanding of the topic. Moreover, it will critically look into the gaps of knowledge not covered in the reviews....

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My Learning Experience in Israel

Scholars and Philosophers agree that education is a vital part of life and we all need to learn something at some point in life. I have personally had the best learning experience for this course. The perfect blend of improving my communication skills, having to meet new people and culturally...

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The Role of Child Labor in International Business

In a perfect world, everyone knows the difference between right and wrong, but in the real world, things often remain unclear. The chance is that someone’s wrong deed is your right deed, and your own wrong deed is someone’s right deed. The same is the situation of companies that intend...

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The Impact of Globalization on Children in Foster Care

Globalization is the process where people, companies, and government integrate and interact across the world. Recently the rate of globalization has increased due to the advancement in communication technologies and transport affecting population and children in foster care (Sparke 240). Notably, the increased movement of people from one location to...

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Foster Care and Same-Sex Couples

There are specific things that every human being is entitled to have in order to live a comfortable and fulfilling life. As such, apart from the basic rights of food, shelter, and clothing, people need to have a sense of belonging which is important for their psychological well being. We...

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Parenting Styles in Japan and America

by Ponzetti (15), parenting is any form in which we bring up or raise our children in the environment we live in, or they are exposed in. Parenting is a form of supporting and promoting the emotional, physical and the education or intellectual period of a child from childhood to...

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Vegetarian Diet for Children

The idea of embracing a diet composed of vegetable is becoming a trend in the twenty-first century as the debate on what benefits it offers has since erupted. The advantages to children are particularly critical because there a vast range of positive outcomes that are associated with the diet choice...

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Impacts of Parent Imprisonment on Children

In the world today, imprisonment rate has gone up. Anyone can be imprisoned no matter the age or gender. The principal reason for a prison sentence is to punish the offender. Rather than being a punishment, imprisonment can be of decisive impact once the prisoner has practical, financial, social, and...

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Cleft Lip and Palate

Cleft lip and palate birth defects are among the most frequent birth defects worldwide because they are consistently present in newborns somewhere in the world. These imperfections, also known as oral-facial clefts, impact the mouth and lip. It's important to remember that a typical fetus typically has a cleft lip...

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Life as a child during World War I

For me, growing up during World War I would have been intolerable. After reading accounts of the conflict, I imagine that, if I were a child, life would be very challenging. Even grownups were terrified by the events that were occurring during this time. Scenes of people dying or going...

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