Pornography and Gender Equality

This research will explore feminism and Porngraphy, looking at how porn links to feminist politics and thus, shows gender equality. The study will explore the sociological context of pornography and how various feminist theories interlink. The study aims to analyse pornography as something which is created and interpreted within the...

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Sex and Psychological Needs

Everyone possesses essential psychological needs which if not meet we suffer severely. Just in a similar manner, we need food, shelter, and clothing; we require fulfillment of our psychological desires to remain stable and mentally healthy. According to psychological studies, psychological needs can be narrowed down into four categories which...


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The Heterosexual Matrix

Many cultures hold the belief that normative sexual behavior should be heterosexual in nature and any other orientation is construed as deviance. In most cases, gender, sex and sexuality are usually wrongly conflated. The conventional distinctions of gender as male and female have often assumed that males will fundamentally be...

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The Importance of STDs

STDs! What do those initials stand for? I know the initials may be interpreted in different ways. You know them? My speech will be centered on the genuine meaning of the initials. STDs stand for sexually transmitted diseases. Now it sounds serious! STDs are now part of us. They are with...

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Teen pregnancy

In our present social environment, teen pregnancy is common. An increasing number of the younger population in schools are dealing with the rise of early sexual encounters, unintended pregnancies, and numerous pregnancy-related challenges. The majority of the time, these issues don't arise voluntarily; instead, they take the form of loss,...

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Topic: Gender

Gender Gender alludes to a person s femininity with differences in their features and characteristics being highly valued. Typically, the term gender is used to describe the various sexes that occur in humans.(Richard, J.U). The word gender seeks to differentiate between the various sexes of beings that...

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sex education

I disagree with the concept that sex education is intended to increase teenagers' preferences for premarital sex because the major goal of the instruction is to ensure that young people learn about sex before engaging in it. Teenagers are educated on the fundamentals of sexual activity, as well as the...

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Ethical Dilemma of Emergency Pills

One should always consider their actions in light of ethics Is it moral for humans to use contraceptives in defiance of God s will? When a buddy of mine approached me the morning after having unprotected sex to ask my opinion regarding the use of contraceptives, I was met with these...

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A one night stand

They referred to it as a one-night stand. The motel rooms were stocked with a wide variety of items. What was once dead became alive with a sense of desperation, and what was once immoral became even more so. As the night progressed, we were transformed by the insignificant taking...

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Formal Equity and Women in the Society

This essay makes the case that formal gender equality causes women to continue to experience unfair disadvantage in society. Notably, there are two gender equity philosophies. The first is the formal, where all people are treated equally and are hence capable of doing the same tasks. Formal equity is equality...

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Sex Differences

The current study sought to examine gender variations in response to emotional and sexual infidelity. There was a lot of curiosity about how male and female participants' responses to sexual and emotional infidelity might be affected by relationship connection. To that purpose, 638 people volunteered to fill out questionnaires about...

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Pages: 12

Adolescence and Adulthood Sexting

The Impact of Sexting on Mental Health The act of sending exclusive and sexy texts to one s spouse is known as sexting (Temple, 2015). The growth of technology, which increases people s online visibility, adds to a high rate of sexting in adults and teenagers (Henderson, 2011). Peer pressure, the...

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