Essays on Birth Control

An Ethical Dilemma

It was morally and legally correct for the organizations, Wheaton College and Hobby Lobby Craft Store, to deny birth control coverage to their respective staff and students. Due to their conviction that the use of birth control goes against their religious principles and beliefs, several organizations have chosen to deny...

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Low Birth Rate in Germany

Many developing countries are currently reporting low birth rates, and Germany is one of the world's lowest-birth-rate countries. The death rate is higher than the birth rate, which is concerning. Many governments in developed countries have been devising strategies to address the numerous social and economic challenges posed by the...

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Teenagers and Birth control

With statistics showing a 9% decline between 2013 and 2014, the pregnancy rate of teenagers decreased ("On Teen Pregnancy | Teen Pregnancy | Health Reproductivity | CDC"). Teenagers appear to lose concentration in life after birth and may become a social burden. During this point, most relationships are experimental and...

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Ethics on Adults and Minors Having the Same Access to Birth Control

Due to the ethics and morality surrounding the issue, I would not allow minors to have the same access to birth control as adults. The public has been making efforts for a long time to discourage the procurement of contraceptive services by minors. The public also addresses whether children should...

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