Othello Shakespeare

The feminist study of Shakespeare’s Othello encourages us to judge, understand, and critique different social ideals as well as the role of women in a patriarchal society. Othello is an example of a film that illustrates patriarchal society’s standards and the showing of rights in patriarchal relationships, as well as…

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The female man is a novel authored by a famous feminist

Joanna Russ, a well-known feminist, wrote the novel The Female Man. The novel was written in 1970 and published in America in 1975. The book is classified as both a fantasy novel and a feminist science fiction novel. The protagonist is a feminist who used short stories, novels, and nonfiction…

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the old chief mshalanga

The Old Chief Mshalanga by Doris Lessing is a tale of racial discrimination between dominant whites and inferior blacks. Lessing, on the other hand, uses the story’s setting to highlight the fact that people should not be judged based on their skin color. According to the story, people make conclusions…

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Feministic Theory in Literature

Feminist literary criticism is informed by feminist philosophy. The criticism employs feminist concepts and philosophies to analyze literature vocabulary, with the primary goal of examining and explaining how literature portrays the male dominance paradigm by the manipulation of political, societal, technological, and psychological powers in literature. However, while feminist literary…

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The Unrepentant Whore

Jamie Lee Hamilton is one of the first transgender sex workers, advocating for the rights of all sex workers. Virginia Woolf was a prominent feminist writer of her time; Jamie Lee Hamilton is one of the first transgender sex workers, fighting for the rights of all sex workers. Today, we’ll…

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The Importance of Sociological Theory and Its Relevance

The Importance of Sociological Theory and Its Relevance The feminism method, which argues on the inspiration and concepts for the women’s movement, is named the sociological theory used in this research. For a variety of purposes, this principle is valid and significant in this discussion. To begin, the approach aids…

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Feminist Blog Review

Feminism refers to the philosophy and/or theory of men and women having equal social, personal, economic, and political rights. Feminism is a movement centered on achieving women’s social, emotional, economic, and political rights. Essentially, we live in a male-dominated society where women’s rights are often ignored. In some nations, social…

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History of Feminism

Historically, women did not have equal rights to men. For example, the primary role of the female was conducting domestic chores. Men had higher rights in proudly owning property and taking responsibility for the house. Apart from the domestic setting, women lacked the issue of equality in the political environment….

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A Jury of Her Peers Analysis

In modern times, “A Jury of Her Peers” is a much better title for this book. It explores the mind frame of the victim and compares that to a real trial, with both a defense and prosecution consisting of men. In reality, the jury consisted entirely of men, and there…

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The Book Pink Think

The term pink think is sometimes used to describe a group of ideas or attitudes that women should have. The author of Pink Think, Lynn Peril, believes that these ideas and attitudes were common among mid-century women. These ideas were embraced by advice writers, toy manufacturers, and experts in a…

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Helen Keller Feminism and Socialism

Did you know that Helen Keller was a socialist? Did you know that She advocated for birth control and workers’ rights? And did you know that she also opposed World War I? Read on to find out more about this feminist legend. If you’re interested in learning more about Helen…

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the role of women then and now

In Western society, the national movement for women’s liberation emerges in the second half of the nineteenth century, when women first manifest as autonomous organized political power. The term feminism, which means “women’s liberation,” was first used in political debates (Hannam, 2007). As a synonym for female liberation, the word…

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