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Your American culture essay is an opportunity to get engulfed in exciting storytime rather than work. The US is an immigrant country, American culture was influenced by nearly every region of the world, but primarily by the British who colonized the country in the early 1600s. Native Americans and Hispanics have had a powerful impact on the country’s culture as well, as pointed out in many American culture essays. The United States is often described as a “melting pot”, blending many “flavors” from across the world into one great American culture. Our American culture essay samples, presented for your viewing below, will provide some interesting ideas for you to munch on. Besides samples, we offer complete essay creation from scratch, because essays on American culture are often as challenging as they are fun.

Consumerism, Technology and Childhood

Many organizations have voiced concerns about the effects that the use of various technologies for children for various reasons, such as education and entertainment, has had on both early childhood development and culture. Although their parents may not have paid much notice, the American culture has implemented a number of...

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Zora Neale

Zora Neale Hurston, who was born in Notasulga, Alabama, developed into a literary legend in the United States. John and Lucy, Zora's parents, were instrumental in developing her poetic heritage. Her works have emerged as significant American literary masterpieces as a result of her prominence in the field. In the...

Words: 374

Pages: 2

Heritage Square Museum

Attempting to investigate the settlement and later development of the state of Southern California during the first 100 years of its establishment, Heritage Square Museum is a working history museum that is situated in Southern California. Eight Victorian-era buildings that were allocated to the museum were spared from being demolished...

Words: 1581

Pages: 6

Gwendolyn Brooks at 100

It was especially gratifying to think about the poems and life of Gwendolyn Brooks while attending Quraysh Ali Lansana's presentation at the Art Institute of Chicago's Rubloff Auditorium. The presentation was part of a centennial effort to remember and celebrate the memory of the celebrated activist, mother, feminist, and literary...

Words: 322

Pages: 2

Chinese Coolies in America

Although it is frequently used to refer to Chinese contract laborers who immigrated to foreign countries as contracted or indentured workers, the word "coolie" was originally used to describe cheap, unskilled labor from Asia. Due to the Opium War and the abolition of the Atlantic trade, the Chinese coolie trade...

Words: 1207

Pages: 5

Why I Write: Analysis

The author of Why I Write by Joan Didion has used a few specific examples to tell her own tale in the first person to demonstrate her love of writing. Didion is an American novelist whose books highlight the chaos of American culture. She was born on December 5, 1934,...

Words: 577

Pages: 3

Culture defined

Culture is defined as the overall ideas, attitudes, and practices of a specific group or community depending on how they deal with situations or their historical history. Culture encompasses customs, religion, food, clothing (what we wear and how we dress), our beliefs and language, how we sit at the table,...

Words: 1428

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Black Mirror vs Technopoly

Nosedive from Black Mirror and Technopoly from Neil show the impact of technology on American culture and the implications of that impact. The film Nosedive depicts a society in which people's interactions are assessed on a scale of one to five. Excellent behavior and etiquette in encounters result in positive...

Words: 578

Pages: 3

What a Trump Administration Might mean for Income Inequality by Erik Sherman

Sherman (2016) suggests that the problem of economic inequality in America is unavoidable in his piece, What a Trump Administration Might Mean for Income Inequality. Apparently, a sizable proportion of the middle class felt neglected by the previous administration, making their lives in the region even more difficult. Clearly, the...

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Essay About Illegal Immigration

In recent years, the debate over illegal immigration has remained central to everyday American debates. It has elicited a wide range of reactions both within and outside the country. The majority of these conversations appear to agree that America was established on immigration and that its varied population is vital...

Words: 1726

Pages: 7

Racial inequality in the United States

With over one hundred ethnic groups represented, the United States of America is the world's most multi-ethnic society. African-Americans and Latinos make up 43 percent of the total population in the United States. African-Americans account for 28% of all arrests in the United States each year, 40% of all inmates...

Words: 2369

Pages: 9

Race Riots in the Unites States Essay

In the United States, racial unrest has a long history. They have been primarily using the concept that blacks and white people are not from the same race, ethnic group, or social class to explain racial tensions and prejudice over the years (BestNewsForYou3 1). Both blacks and whites have different...

Words: 536

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