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Your American culture essay is an opportunity to get engulfed in exciting storytime rather than work. The US is an immigrant country, American culture was influenced by nearly every region of the world, but primarily by the British who colonized the country in the early 1600s. Native Americans and Hispanics have had a powerful impact on the country’s culture as well, as pointed out in many American culture essays. The United States is often described as a “melting pot”, blending many “flavors” from across the world into one great American culture. Our American culture essay samples, presented for your viewing below, will provide some interesting ideas for you to munch on. Besides samples, we offer complete essay creation from scratch, because essays on American culture are often as challenging as they are fun.

How United States Culture is affected by or intersects with Israel/Palestine

People have utilized artistic creations to entertain themselves, to express their ideas, and to convey stories about their past throughout the history of the world. Additionally, political purposes have been served via the use of artistic creations like paintings, literature, and photographs. They are thus instruments for telling tales of…

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In the 1960s and 1970s, the USA was at the height of the cultural warfare. The majority of the victims were individuals of color, and the debate between liberals and conservatives dominated the news. Although the war was fought on numerous fronts, it also affected the world of art and…

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Pages: 4

American Art’s Representation of Race

Racism is one of the enduring features of American culture. Despite the remarkable dedication people have made to combating it, racism still exists. The entertainment sector is one area where it has consistently been significant. The issue of race in the country has been portrayed in both film and television…

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Reading Response

The extension of settlers against the Ohio Valley and other areas contributed to an increase in interest in lifestyle and fork forms, as well as spectacular physical environments. As a result, tourists led by Sarah Orne Jewett were able to learn the language and voice, folk motivations, and distinct culture…

Words: 274

Pages: 1

Cultural Awareness

Cultural competence is the ability of people from various cultural backgrounds to communicate effectively with one another. It primarily entails comprehending people of various ages, abilities, races, gender, and national origin, among other things. The American culture, for example, is competent and encourages material accumulation, religious freedom, individualism, and equal…

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Is technology a negative influence in American culture?

While technology has resulted in many positive facets of American culture, it has had major negative consequences. Technology was used to improve life in a variety of areas, including connectivity, housing, and schooling. Nonetheless, it has created a slew of problems in American culture, especially among the youth. As a…

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Commercials on the North Korean Language

To gain a deeper understanding of the language, it is also important to research the language’s history by learning about Korean American culture. The population of the group is 0.6 percent of the total population of the United States. Philip Jaisohn was the first Korean American to be granted full…

Words: 1146

Pages: 5

Civil Rights

An American as someone born and subject to US authority, or having gained citizenship by parents or naturalization, according to the US Constitution (“Thinking of Becoming a U.S. Citizen?”). Being an American, though, requires more than that; first, it means being able to possess more independence, stability, and democracy than…

Words: 304

Pages: 2

Fifties Struggles & Sixties Activism – Feminism & the Evolution of the American Culture

The initial Woman’s campaign was principally regarded with encouraging women to obtain the right to vote. Thereby, the fresh feminist movement in the sixties and seventies was a lot different differed significantly from its forerunners. US citizens witnessed the success of the Civil Rights Movement with refreshed hope. The goals…

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What’s it like to an American

When most humans are posed with the question as to what is an American? The most common and typical reply would be one who is born in the United States of America. Yet when requested about an in-depth meaning as to what is an American? Besides a place of birth,…

Words: 586

Pages: 3

Cultural Memory in “The Namesake”

Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake narrates the assimilation of a Bengali household who emigrated from India to the United States. The story starts with the emigration of Ashoke and Ashima from Calcutta, India, to Cambridge, Massachusetts. In the U.S., they give birth to a son referred to as Gongol. The story…

Words: 653

Pages: 3

Cultural Aspects of Housing in America

American society is a complex culture, and there are a variety of ethnicities living there. The identity of a community typically affects its environment, and this, in turn, becomes part of the community. In their housing community, this diversity has been extended. Today, though, tradition is not the only thing…

Words: 1236

Pages: 5

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