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Youth Culture in film Mean Girls

The film Mean Girls incorporates images of subcultural fashion. The Plastics, a group of three females from a bigger high school group, are a subcultural style. The ruling three, led by Regina the Queen Bee, was the school's most elite group. The Plastics were three females named Gretchen, Regina, and...

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Graffiti decriminalization

A new and distinct culture among young people in the US emerged in the latter decades of the 20th century. Although it is maybe seen as being new, graffiti art has been around for ages. In the 1960s, New York City's streets were the birthplace of modern graffiti art, and...

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EDM Music Subculture

Electronic dance music (EDM) is another name for EDM music. EDM Music refers to a variety of percussive electronic music styles that are often heard at raves, concerts, and nightclubs. The success of EDM Music has resulted in the creation of an EDM Music subculture (Michelangelo). A subculture is a...

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The Hip-hop Subculture

A subculture is a racial, geographical, economic, or social community that exhibits characteristics and behavioral behaviors that differentiate it from those within society. A subculture is a community that has attitudes and practices that vary from the main classes of a given culture; they have standards and ideals that differ...

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