The Hip-hop Subculture

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A subculture is a racial, geographical, economic, or social community that exhibits characteristics and behavioral behaviors that differentiate it from those within society. A subculture is a community that has attitudes and practices that vary from the main classes of a given culture; they have standards and ideals that differ from the majority. Small populations are culturally uniform; vast industrial environments, on the other hand, demonstrate cultural diversity and often include various subcultures. The music industry is one example. The music industry has many genres, such as hip hop, jazz, punk, and reggae music, and as a result, there are sure to be many subcultures centered on supporters and followers of each genre. The essay aims to discuss the hip-hop subculture as the defiant culture.
The Hip-hop subculture is a worldwide influence with the majority of its audience being non-blacks (Kathleen, 1). It is also the most popular music genre in the United States. Thee subculture grew in awareness and popularity by leading in playlists in house parties, basement parties and in the streets of major towns. The subculture of hip-hop rose and increased awareness through production by prominent personnel such as Hill Gang; who sang “Rappers Delight” and was the first hip-hop song considered successful. As the genre became subject to evolution, the songs became the musical form of expression to police resistance (Friedrich, 1). Later on, music and film industries were prompted to endorse rap. By 1985, the first movie with hip-hop incorporated was released depicting the life of hip-hop music. The movie sold $ 17 million thus taking the genre to the next level.

Difference in practices

Hip hop is a subculture with linguistic bondage, meaning its easy for an individual to understand the language used in the hip-hop. The fans of this music genre use a different method in describing an event with a positive connotation, for example, words such as dope, legit and da bomb act as their adjectives. Avery common term found in the hip-hop subculture is the word “nigga.” The word was perceived with a negative meaning. However, hip-hop persons managed to reverse its meaning.

Hip hop is a cultural movement with roots in the neighborhood of African Americans and Latin Americans living in New York City. Hip-hop consists of diverse elements; certain fashion, rapping and graffiti arts. The subculture is therefore seen as a shift in culture and has to do with a theory of hegemony. This theory claims of the existence of dominant group to hip-hop subculture. The dominant culture is tasked with determining the opinions of the majority of individuals. The approach is partly achieved adapting to the values of trends in different subgroups. Adaptation to a specific subculture is mutual as seen in the rise of hip-hop.

The dominant culture in hip-hop was capitalism which contributed to a commercialized point of view about the world. In the period of 1990s, hip-hop subculture emerged with a celebration on commercial products (Greg & Alan, 1). Hip hop lyrics are made concerning products and brands. Some of the products have paid placements in the songs. Thus, Hip-hop is considered a marketing strategy since its purchase does not only involve the song but also the associated products that it seeks to promote. The subculture is, therefore, increasing the number of brands and the related accessories thus adapting to a dominant mindset.

It is important to notice that hip-hop has grown to be popular in the last two decades, thus contributes to high sales in the music industry. Hip-hop doesn’t target the “ghetto” population but rather white people in the western countries. The same is noticed with goods associated with hip-hop such as dolls, and TV programs. Many fashions accessories have incorporated hip-hop labels their products as an influence with the subculture knowledge.

Causes of hip-hop subculture

Hip-hop emerged as a result of disappointment and disillusion. During the 1970s, there was a collapse of civil rights movement. However, for the African Americans, the fight for their rights in civic and economic participation was not yet over (Kathleen, 1). Political progress was therefore seen when the blacks served at every level of the government. The blacks in the politics signaled and instituted significant changes, and their policies were seeking to address the closed opportunities. African Americans became the significant casualties of decimating cities; this was marked by re-segregation of schools. Economic opportunities were therefore moved to suburbs. The black families were exposed to abject poverty.

The urban centers were troubled with the challenges, and so became the point where hip-hop emerged. Hip-hop was born in the neighborhood of a young gathering in the parks, streets, and playgrounds of Bronx. In 1977, a cultural movement was created with the aim of setting the world on fire. Rapping and DJ-ing played a major role in the growth of the subculture. Hip-hop had an extended role than just being music. Hip-hop started as a break-dance and was also due to fashion.

Effects and influences of hip-hop subculture

The significance of hip-hop focuses on the analysis of the subculture. The lyrics of the genre are used in understanding post civil dimensions. Hip-hop genre of music is a source of artistic innovation and provides enjoyment to the fans. The subculture also offers social, cultural, and political conditions that shape the modern times. Hip-hop as a cultural form makes people think critically about the definition of valuable knowledge. Hip-hop singers are recognized as knowledge producers since they understand how knowledge is created and shared (Matt, 2). Hip-hop subculture enables recognition of contemporary forms of influence and enhances understanding of both the present and the past. Hip hop as well encourages the pursuit of knowledge, culture, art and trusted leadership.

Social significance of hip-hop subculture

The genre of music is considered to have been pioneered in Bronx, New York. The popularity of the hip-hop music created a culture that was embraced by the young people. The history of rap music appears to be brief thus provides it with social significance. The genre has a standing role in oral historians. Hip-hop subculture as well finds a role in political advocacy.

African tradition believes in “nommo” referring to the first human, a creature of Supreme Being. As a philosophical concept, the word implies animative ability to deliver words to act upon objects, thus giving life (Becky, 3). The significance of the word provides rappers the power in African American communities.

While looking at the roots of the hip-hop subculture and the present situations, an individual concludes that there has been a cultural shift which has moved hip-hop from a dominant culture to an alternative lifestyle where it takes over products, ideas, and characteristics.

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