personal ethics

The characteristics that an individual exhibits in society determine the perceptions that the public is to witness. The method of creating a distinguished term, according to the personal ethics declaration issued, would provide an analysis of the type of thoughts that an individual uses to characterize an event. The ethics…

Words: 281

Pages: 2

the nonprofit organization

A charitable organization is an area that has been formed by members of a community with the intention of carrying out the aims that have been established. It is following a given objective with no plan of donating any remaining proceeds to society or its members. A nonprofit corporation is…

Words: 2002

Pages: 8

How Some Facet of “Process Philosophy” Has Impacted American Government and/or Society

Process theory, also known as entity philosophy, connects spiritual truth with creation and transformation. It is linked to philosophers Charles Hartshorne and Alfred North Whitehead’s works. Philosophers after Aristotle and Plato have speculated true existence as “timeless,” dependent on unending objects, as processes are repudiated of timeless matter or material….

Words: 585

Pages: 3

why youth do crime and join gangs

Youth gangs have evolved into violent social classes in society. They are now linked to an uptick in violent and sophisticated offenses, the majority of which are identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to an FBI survey, there are approximately 20 000 violent youth drugs with a membership…

Words: 1854

Pages: 7

The Impact of War on Society

Due to the negative effects of war on the economy, politics, and social spheres, many nations have always preferred peace. Many countries have gone to war in the past and developed weapons like man-made satellites, atomic bombs, and guns to scare away their adversaries. The impact, however, was massive, with…

Words: 539

Pages: 2

The Reality of Social Class

For a whilst now I have been trying to figure out how social classes work inside a society. I never knew how the poor or the people regarded as low in the social ranking are affected by those who are effective and are ranked high in the social levels. I…

Words: 367

Pages: 2

Research of the theme of social class in Wall Street and Drown by Diaz

Melville’s Wall Street and Drown written by Diaz gives a classic view of the theme of social class in the society thru different examples. Some critics point out that Melville has two separate lives where he skilled low standards jobs such as cabin boy on the whaling and a captive…

Words: 1205

Pages: 5

Charity Needs Markets

Jorg Guido Hulsmann’s post, Charity Needs Markets, investigates the practice of gift-giving in human society and its relevance to finance, if any. At that end, he makes the first observation that gift giving necessitates agreement between two people: the giver and the receiver. This is due to the fact that…

Words: 272

Pages: 1

Hurston’s “Their Eyes Were Watching God”

In 1937, Zora Neale Hurston, an African American, wrote the story “Their Eyes Were Seeing God.” The main character, Janie Crawford, is described as naive, excited, and optimistic about the future. Nonetheless, she discovers over time that the struggles are many and that everyone must fight to succeed, “ripening from…

Words: 1391

Pages: 6

About Their Eyes Were Watching God

Feminism is concerned with the political, societal, and economic differences that exist between men and women in a world where men are more dominant than women. Men in society prefer to manipulate and influence women in whatever way they wish because they believe they are superior to men. The text…

Words: 1501

Pages: 6

Indians of the Great Plains

The Cheyenne people are the westernmost tribes of the Algonquin band. They used to live far to the east of where they now live. They remained in set settlements and engaged in practices such as land farming, but they later relocated to the west and southwest, leaving some of their…

Words: 1483

Pages: 6

Miss Representation Film

Women are important members of society because of their talents, qualities, and aspirations, as well as their participation in social events that serve all. Many of these factors have contributed to their international acclaim. They are, still, being misrepresented in the mainstream. Miss Representation is a well-known American documentary film…

Words: 1222

Pages: 5

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