Community Policing in Singapore

In the most advanced economies, the state bodies refer to the practice of the community policing in order to develop respect between police and citizens of particular city during collaboration at one particular project. In fact, nature of the communication and collaboration between these two parties is not simples as...

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Gender equality in the workplace

1. A research to investigate the primary hindrances preventing the attainment of workplace gender equality in the UK’s financial sector and the contemporary society at large? 2. A study examining the origins of workplace gender disparity and their presence in the modern society 3. A study of the UK organisations to investigate...

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The Causes of Homelessness

Homelessness is the lack of a reliable housing such as a house or apartment to dwell in (Zufferey, 2017). Homelessness can directly or indirectly lead to the inability to acquire other important amenities and conditions for a safe and comfortable livelihood. This includes nutrition and health, safety, stigma hygiene, and...

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Rousseau's Theory of Social Inequality

Social Inequality and its Historical Significance Social inequality is perhaps one the most prevalent political discourses of our time. In fact, the issue antedates the contemporary history. It has become the most prominent discourses in the political arena with many taking various philosophical perspectives. There exists a close nexus between inequality...

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Moral Thinking

In the modern era, life has posed so many challenges that need to be analyzed critically. Philosophy as a field of study provides an understanding view of these problems that are encountered in life. Throughout the course, we have learnt to decide how to pass judgments and give a perception...

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The Importance of Marriage in Society

Question 1. According to Gilder, what is the closest human bond? What is the second closest? According to Gilder, the closest human bond is marriage. Gilder outlines that there are three different categories of bonds among human beings; legal and artificial, social and voluntary as well as biological and natural. The...

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Influence of Income Level and Marital Status on Life Satisfaction Among Millennial Americans

Life satisfaction is a major social issue that is faced by many countries in the world with the United States being no exceptions. The issue has also prompted the establishment of distinct social classes in different societies. In essence, life satisfaction is affected by many factors including income level and...

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Group Therapy of Adolescent Trafficked Girls

The Challenges Faced by Psychologists, Counselors, and Social Workers The expansion in the scale of human trafficking presents challenges to government and law enforcement agencies in curbing this practice. However, psychologists, counselors, and social workers face the challenges of rehabilitating the survivors of this heinous activity. The challenges faced by the...

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The Rich Kids of Instagram

The Rich of Instagram are the kids who live very attractive and uproarious type of life exposing their exciting lives with a lot of extravagantness and unregretful kind of life. They brag about it and posted their lifestyles in social media. Notably, the majority of people use the internet to...

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Why Racism is Important in Sociology

Racism is an act of discrimination directed to a specific group of people based on the idea that a certain race is more superior to the other, it is a belief that each individual belonging to each race should at least possess qualities to that particular race so that it...

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The Effects of Oppression

Sociologists define oppression as the systematic exploitation, abuse or mistreatment of a group (or groups) of people by another group (or groups) of people. The oppressing group is known as the controlling or dominant group. Examples of oppressed groups are racial and ethnic minorities, women, the poor, lower classes. On...

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The Importance of Studying Social Facts

Emile Durkheim is considered to be the founding father of sociology. After establishing sociology as an independent field of study, he also went on to be the first professor of psychology. Durkheim is particularly known for pioneering important sociological concepts, such as social facts, which went on to form the...

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