The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain

The industrial revolution played a major role in the establishment and expansion of various institutions in Great Britain. As more people migrated and settled in major towns, the health and education sectors were enhanced. An improvement in the average income for the civilians in Great Britain during the industrial revolution...

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Functionalism and Conflict Theories

Sociology is a science that seeks to explain the social system through how human interact, groups, and societies. It enables one to understand the societal structure and the dynamic forces. Sociology works with theories and viewpoints that help one understand the social world. Theoretical frameworks are perceived as the contributing...

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Socio-cultural Influences on Leisure Activities

A considerable number of sociocultural factors influence personal leisure values and participation in recreational activities on daily basis. Although the sociocultural factors have been in existences since time immemorial, the impacts on the contemporary society are more pronounced. This paper is obligated to examine critically the influences of age, gender,...

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The Division of Labor and Social Solidarity

Emile Durkheim is considered one of the key proponents of modern sociology. In his works, he propels the prospects of structural functionalism in which he emphasizes social solidarity (Gofman 46). He views society as a complex system made up of different parts/institutions that work together to promote social cohesion and...

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The Impact of Class Inequality on Education In Singapore

Education in Singapore has been the centre of focus over the last few decades.[G1] The major reason being that education is marred by inequalities, where children are not given equal opportunities[G2] (Brown, 2017, p.5). The ultimate test of any education system is whether it offers equal learning opportunities...

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The Causes of Social Inequality

People within the society are continuously developing strategies that will help them improve their social standing and be on the better side of the society. The social inequality that exists within the society is caused by several factors which are categorized into three strands; that is, making of lives, ordering...

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Myths and Misconceptions of Society

In the series Vikings, episode eight of season two there is great concern over the birth of Ragnar's fourth son, Ivar, since he is unlike the others. His birth was a sign of a prophesy come true whereby he was described as being boneless and a monster. From the kingdom's...

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Analysis of the Structural Functionalism Hypothesis

According to the structural functionalism hypothesis, the society is viewed as an organized social setting that enjoys interrelated segments to meet the social and biological needs inside of that very society (McMahon 3).  One Hebert Spencer, the philosopher who lived between 1820 and 1903; is the one credited for having...

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The Study of Social Stratification

The study of the topic social stratification lays its basis on a class caste system; status and privileges. It is the characteristics of a society. Social stratification varies by production and work organization of society. The definition of social stratification is the differential ranking of human individuals who...

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The Importance of Sociology

Sociology is the study of human social relationships and institutions (Howard Melissa). Generally, people often group themselves into social groups in the lines of common traits that are shared by individuals. Most of these groups are either formed on the basis of ethnicity, race, the level of education,...

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A Sociological Imagination

As theorized by American sociologist, Wright Mills, sociological imaginations entails thinking yourself out of the box, in deeper terms it necessitates one to think away from familiar routines of everyday life, looking at situations from an entirely new perspective. Understanding and exercising sociological imagination helps us understand the relationship between...

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The Guy Code

The society often dictates the behaviors and characteristics that people display in their day to day lives based on gender. These social constructions are the emblem of masculinity and the supposed dos and don ts that men must subscribe to in order to cement their place in the society as...

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