Essays on Disability

Literature Review

This paper seeks to address challenges that disabled people face in the housing environment. It will address the various individual encompassed in the disability criteria and what are some of their needs for housing. The paper will first reflect on laws enacted to facilitate a favorable environment for the flourishing...

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Challenges of Disabled People in United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, there are various legislations initiated to protect the rights of people living with disabilities. Despite the establishment such laws, persons with disabilities continue to face numerous challenges. Equality act of 2010 outlines the provisions and welfares of individuals with disabilities. The provisions of equality act of...

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Pages: 14

Diversity in the Fashion Industry

Fashion has substantial impact on today’s society due to promotion by mainstream media and immense online presence. However, the fight for recognition among the disabled has been long and frustrating. The history of physically challenged models is painfully short. In 1997, Nordstrom, a US-based department store chain was one of...

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The Case of Karen Singer's Son

The case of Karen Singer’s son indicates the challenges that children with disability face in public schools. The report shows that teenagers that have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) require special attention to improve their learning capabilities. The minors need various treatments from a behavioral therapist that trains communication skills, academic...

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Pages: 2

Comparison of the Social and Medical Models of Childhood Disabilities

Childhood obesity is a complex and often highly emotive subject that has been explored in multifaceted perspectives. Scholars and experts have described diverse presentation of passive, dependent and sometimes helpless students. The medical and social approaches have been particularly of interest considering the need to streamline the definition to suit...

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The Impact of Inclusive Education on Children with Disabilities

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately one billion persons suffer from some kind of disability. In addition, it is projected that between 93 and 150 million persons living with disability are children. Reports from the Plan International suggest that children are ten-fold less likely to attend school as...

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Lauren Tian: A Disabled Child in Hanoi

Background Our interviewee is Lauren Tian who was born in Russia and has been raised in Vietnam. Her father is Vietnamese, and her mother is from Russia. Lauren was born on 1 April 1999 in Russia. Despite the fact that Lauren has a normal appearance, she is unlike other children because...

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Ableism in Georgia

According to Taylor (2016), ableism refers to most recurrently used actions which identity and names prejudice as well as discrimination with the aim of demeaning people with disabilities. Ableism actions can either be intentional or unintentional. In a school setting, ableism is expressed both subtly and overtly at cultural, structural,...

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Pages: 2

Inclusion of Autistic Students

In this essay, I will be evaluating the concept of inclusion relating to the individuals on the autistic spectrum between the ages of 5 to 16. The paper will reflect on the range of impairment and disability-related barriers and the use of diverse approaches that can help to achieve inclusion...

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Pages: 19

The Role of Legislation in Protecting and Maintaining Positive Health, Social and Educational Outcomes for Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

This essay is going to examine and explore how different strategies are used to protect and maintain positive health, social and educational outcomes for children with special educational needs and disabilities. These paper is also going to focus and discuss on various themes in the body of this paper such...

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Pages: 13

Segregation of People with Disabilities in Georgia

The society tends to accept the standard normal people who are able to relate to the rest of the people easily. Unfortunately, some might not be lucky enough to fall under the ‘normal people' bracket and end up having a tough time trying to fit into the society. During birth,...

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Pages: 2

Georgia Segregation of Students With Disabilities

Ableism refers to the dominant practices and attitudes within the society which either devalues, limits, or demeans the potentials of the individuals living with disabilities (Logan " Burdick-will, 2016). It forms a set of beliefs and practices that make the people with psychiatric, emotional, developmental, and physical disabilities feel inferior....

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