Breast lump – a clinicopathological study

Breast lumps can appear in a woman's body at any age. Their appearance may be followed by a severe chest sensation. Other women may notice changes in their skin texture or nipple. Some breast lumps are not visible, but they can be felt when carefully stroked. Some specialist examinations, such...

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Pressure ulcer: Mobility limitation in the older patient

Pressure injury is also known as a pressure ulcer. It is caused by injury to the skin or the tissues beneath the skin (PancorboHidalgo 2006, p.94). The harm could be caused by medical errors or other gadgets. The injury is always the result of the skin or tissue being subjected...

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Bodies are both Biological and Historical

The phrase "Bodies are both Historical and Biological" suggests that there are a number of characteristics about the bodies of people all over the world that qualify them to be both Historical and Biological from a Scientific Perspective. From a biological perspective, the amount of melanin in the body determines...

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What does it mean to be White?

People are now routinely categorized based on their race all across the world. Whites are one dominant race, particularly in the United States, where they are regarded as the majority. Even though the majority of people are eager to use the term, its meaning and what it means to be...

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Tony and the Cows: A True Story from the Range Wars

"Tony and the Cows: A True Range Wars Story." Will Baker wrote the book. Jim Field is the illustrator's name. Publication year: 2001 How many persons appear in this book? 17 individuals RACE/ETHNICITY Race/Ethnicity How many people are there? The percentage (%) How are they portrayed? 8 47.1 White/Mexican The people have pale white complexion. They also have black hair and huge earlobes. Australoid/Australian...

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Contact Sports can lead to more than just ‘Fun and Games’

antibiotic resistance A form of gram-positive bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) frequently causes skin infections and is resistant to several standard antibiotics (CDC, 2016). Based on where the bacterial infection occurs, it is divided into two groups. While community-acquired MRSA (CA-MRSA) refers to the infection that is acquired outside of...

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The somatosensory system

The sense of touch is the mechanism by which the body registers the forces or objects that come into contact with it. Proprioception, cutaneous sensations, and internal organs are all part of the faculty. It is commonly known as exteroception. It is also known as tactition or somatosensation. It is...

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a neurological case study

Receptor Neuron in the Peripheral Nervous System that Transmits Information from a Burned Finger Human skin contains a broad sensory receptor that alerts a person to the present outside temperature, pressure, discomfort, and any light touches. All the way to the neurological system, these neurons transmit the information they get from...

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about PCR

The gene MC1R is responsible for directing the production of the melanocortin 1 receptor protein. For healthy pigmentation, the receptor is crucial. The receptor is mostly found on the surface of melanocytes, which create melanin (Wallis, 2015). Humans differ in their skin and hair color due to polymorphisms in the...

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The Staphylococcus species, notably Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermis, are what cause staphylococcal wound infections, sometimes referred to as "staph" infections. These two harmful agents are resilient, thrive in the dry, salty environment found on human skin, and are therefore easily contagious from one person to the next. Toxic shock...

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The Integumentary System

The integumentary system, one of the most significant systems in the body, is crucial. The skin, hair, nails, and exocrine glands are the main components of the integumentary system. It is important to remember that the skin is the largest organ in the entire human body, despite only being a...

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Genetics of Skin Color

One of the most important biological characteristics is skin color. It primarily spans the darkest shades of brown to the palest tones. An individual's skin color is a result of genetics, being a creation of both parents' genetic composition. Human skin color evolved through natural selection in order to limit...

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