Fractures of the tibia

Tibia/Fibular Fractures and Pre-Operative Management Tibia fractures are the most common long bone fractures, with the fibula being involved in the majority of them, hence the phrase tibia/fibular fractures. Young guys are the most usually reported demographic for the fracture. The fractures are frequently caused by a high-impact force, most typically...

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Why is this problem relevant to nursing?

To achieve patient satisfaction in an orthopedic care unit The services provided and the medication used to accomplish the desired results must be monitored. First and foremost, you must comprehend orthopedic patients' difficulties in mobility and discomfort as a result of their procedures (Doi, Shimoda & Gibbons, 2014). As a result,...

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The Basics of Bone

Bone Structure and Composition Bone is an organ of the vertebrates that consists of two main types of tissue: cortical bone and cancellous bone. Both bone tissues are composed of mineralized tissue that includes both an organic component, mainly collagen, and an inorganic component, calcium and phosphate.Function of Bones Bones are complex,...

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The role of Calcium in Normal Growth and Bones Development

Roles of Calcium in the Body Actually, calcium is one of the most vital minerals in the body, playing numerous crucial roles in bodily processes (Ambudkar and Muallem 11). This article discusses the different roles that calcium plays in the biological processes of the body, especially in normal growth and bone...

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