Essays on Body Modification

The Ethics of Body Modifications

Body modification is part of the trend that currently dominates the modern culture. It is easy to come across young people and even adults who have tattooed or even pierced their bodies today and it all looks like a regular custom that everyone is ready to embrace. However, not much...

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Tattooing and Piercing Body Modifications

Tattoos and Piercings: Issues of Body Modification and the Workplace Annotated Bibliography Introduction Body modifications are currently at its peak. It has undergone a number of generations up to the current century. The author in his article examines the following with regard to tattooing and body modifications; 1. The...

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The Body Modifications in College Students: Considering Gender, Self-esteem, Body Appreciation and Reasons for Tattoos

The article Body modifications in college students: Considering gender, self-esteem, body appreciation and reasons for tattoos is authored by Brittany Hill, Ogletree, and McCrary. The authors represent Texas State University. The article explores body modifications in college students by focusing on self-esteem, body appreciation and the need for students to...

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The Effects of Tattoos on Society

Introduction When one mentions body modification, more often than not the first idea that comes to mind is a surgical process. Tattoos are body modifications that involve one inking any part of their body. Tattoos have been in existence for ages and have only become an urban trend quite recently especially...

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Tattoos and Piercings in the Workplace

The Decision to Hire an Employee and Legal Aspects The decision to hire an employee people should partly depend on the legal aspects that determine if employees or applicants should have tattoos or any other body modifications. First, Elzweig and Peeples depicted that the ever-increasing trend of people with a tattoo...

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Body Modification Techniques

Body Modification and Its Various MethodsBody modification is the alteration of the human body or physical appearance for a variety of reasons. It ranges from tattooing to socially acceptable decoration. It also includes religious rites of passage and modern primitive movements. While the methods of body modification vary greatly, some...

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Body Modification Basics

Aftercare for Scarification After scarification, it is important to take care of the body part. You should avoid touching the wound with unclean hands and make sure it dries and develops scabs. You should also wear clean clothes and change your bed linens frequently. You should also avoid coming into contact...

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