Body Modification Techniques

Body modification is the alteration of the human body or physical appearance for a variety of reasons. It ranges from tattooing to socially acceptable decoration. It also includes religious rites of passage and modern primitive movements. While the methods of body modification vary greatly, some common methods include: Tattooing, Transdermal implants, and surgical procedures.

Nonmainstream body modification
Nonmainstream body modification has been studied from a variety of perspectives, including as an act of self-ownership vindication, identity construction, and the masking of mental distress. In addition, it implicates the constitution of psychic reality and links it with Lacan’s three registers of reality. One case was studied based on in-depth interviews with the participant, who has undergone multiple extreme body modifications and referred to himself as an “alien cyborg.” Findings from these interviews revealed several themes associated with the Lacannian registers.

The study also examined how contemporary nonmainstream Mods facilitate social interaction. While many Mods have adopted a “modified” appearance, these people are highly aware of the effects of these modifications on their environment and are highly sensitive to the perception of conventional society as they are marked by their anormative appearance.

The practice of nonmainstream body modification is a manifestation of a shared curiosity about the human body. This curiosity can be expressed in the form of self-mutilation, cosmetic surgery, and other practices.

Transdermal implants
Transdermal implants are a relatively new form of body modification, but they are not without risks. One of the major risks is infection. In extreme cases, this infection can eat a hole through the skull. Additionally, the deep placement of transdermal implants can damage bone and muscle, leaving the area vulnerable to infection. Other risks include rejection, migration, and oozing.

The process is an invasive one. An incision and sutures are used to separate the skin tissue and create a pocket for the implant. The implant itself can take a few months to reach its full effect. If it takes too long to achieve the desired effect, the procedure can be repeated until the desired size is achieved.

While transdermal implants can be problematic, they are a popular method among diehard body mod devotees. This surgical procedure can be risky and is still illegal in many states. Fortunately, advances in body modification techniques have made this procedure safer and easier to perform.

Tattooing is a popular way of modifying the body, and it has a long history. Ancient Scythian horsemen adorned themselves with intricate tattoos, while the Picts were heavily tattooed. Today, more adults are getting tattoos. However, the pros and cons of tattooing vary.

Whether it is a body piercing, a tattoo or a hair-do, body modification has been a practice for thousands of years. In Africa, some tribes still practice the practice, as do some in Polynesia and South East Asia. Some cultures have strong spiritual beliefs and may allow certain forms of body modification. In western cultures, however, body modification has been largely the domain of criminals, seafarers and gangs, but it has occasionally found its way to the realm of aristocracy.

Although body modification is no longer taboo, its prevalence is growing and infective complications have been reported. In a study conducted in Ethiopia, researchers examined the knowledge and attitudes of Ethiopian tattoo artists regarding infection control.

Surgical procedures
Over the past decade, the number of people undergoing surgical procedures for body modification has skyrocketed. These procedures are often performed on young clients who desire to enhance their appearance. The procedures vary in complexity, from placing metal bolts on the neck to forming ridges under the skin. Surgical procedures for body modification are a popular option for people who wish to enhance their appearance and are not afraid of risking their health.

Patients undergoing body-modifying procedures must be medically healthy. They must stop taking certain medications and undergo laboratory tests. Some procedures require an overnight hospital stay. Patients should make arrangements for a reliable ride home and someone to stay overnight with them following surgery. These procedures can cause considerable trauma and may introduce high risks of infection.

Injectable implants are another option for body-modification. Some of these procedures use silicone subdermal implants. These are completely subcutaneously inserted beneath the skin. They may be used to create the look of dragon horns or spider outlines. However, these procedures can take several months to achieve desired results.

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