The Role of Melatonin in Human Body

Melatonin is one of the legal drugs in the United States, and it is available as a supplement which is either synthetic or natural. Natural melatonin comes from the animal’s gland known as pineal. It is not recommended to use the natural melatonin from animal’s pineal gland since it contains...

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Online Success Strategies

Time Administration Schedule\sTime Monday\sTuesday\sWednesday\sThursday\sFriday\sSaturday\sSunday 08.00-17.00 Work and class work Work and class work Work and class work Work and class work Work and class work Work and class work Work and class work Work and class work Work and class work Study and class work 08.00-12.00 study 2.00-18.00 Group projects 18.00 Resting at home 19.00-22.00 Dinner and a...

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cognitive consequences of sleep and sleep loss

The influence of sleep on cognition is investigated in an article titled "cognitive repercussions of sleep and sleep loss" by Matthew (2008). Even though sleep accounts for a larger amount of people's lives, many concerns about the role of sleep in physiological functioning remain unresolved. Many hypotheses about sleep have...

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Behavioral Modification

The purpose of this study is to see if reducing time spent on entertainment can enhance time spent on other tasks such as sleeping and studying. There was only one participant in the experiment. The independent variable (IV) was time spent on entertainment, while the dependent variable (DV) was time...

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Sleep's Vital Role in Human Health

Most people are unaware of the significance of sleep for both functional and health reasons. As a result, people neglect to make sure they get enough sleep. However, studies have proven that sleep is essential for a person's health. Its absence has an impact on how the body normally functions....

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Physiology and Human Anatomy

1. Explain the physiological processes that occur during sleep and the sleep-wake cycle. The recovery phase of sleep typically prepares an organism for the next step of awakening. Because of the increased protein synthesis, cell division is rapid during this phase. Two biological mechanisms control the sleep-wake cycle. They interact with one...

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University Students Lack Of Sleep

In the latest decade, sleep deprivation has become a significant challenge to the society, particularly among university students. Lack of enough sleep additionally has an adverse impact on the performance of most university and university students. Medical practitioners claim that sleep is a vital element for adolescents and teenagers, and...

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The NREM period (non-rapid eye movement) is the first stage of sleep which lasts anywhere from 1 to 7 minutes. At this stage, brain activity changes from wakefulness to mixed-frequency waves. The second phase lasts for around 10 to 25 minutes, and it gets longer with each period. SWS refers...

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