Essays on Digestive System

How Your Digestive System Works

The digestive system is a long tube that runs from your mouth to your bottom (anus). Its many organs break down food, extract nutrients from it, and move those nutrients into the bloodstream. It also removes waste materials and stores energy for future use. How It Works Your digestive system has several...

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Effect of pH on Enzyme Activity of Bacillus subtillis

Subtle Bacillus. The bacteria can be extracted from the digestive system of a dead ruminant. The bacterium is highly flagellated and may therefore travel through liquids in the digestive tract. Additionally, research indicates that the bacterium is quite receptive to genetic engineering. Ruminant guts have more concentration because they have...

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Uropathogenic E. coli and virulence factors in UTIs

One of the main causes of many urinary tract infections, including pyelonephritis, cystitis, and disease-related complications that lead to acute renal failure, is the uropathogenic E. coli (Bien, Olga, and Przemyslaw 3). However, it is frequently found in the digestive tracts of both humans and animals, where it creates a...

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The human intestine

The microbiota, a varied microbial community found in the human intestine, has a role in an individual's physiology in both health and sickness. By activating defense mechanisms, creating chemicals that block immune responses, and competing for metabolites, this microbiota promotes colonization resistance to the invasive pathogens. The precise commensal bacteria...

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About the Human Anatomy and Physiology

Pizza often includes ingredients like dough, pepperoni, cheese, and salad. Jim must have consumed one of them while eating his pizza. Because the ingredients have varied nutrients, the digestion of the pizza is controlled by its ingredients. Wheat flour, cornmeal, salt, and other additions are used in modest amounts to...

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The Digestive Tract of a Pig

The small intestine, colon, and one stomach compartment make up the pig's monogastric digestive system. The cardia, body, and pylorus are three distinct pouches that make up the stomach (Colville & Bassert, 2015). The fundus filters food as it travels from the esophagus into the stomach in the first segment,...

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The Chymotrypsin Enzyme

A digestive enzyme called chymotrypsin catalyzes the breakdown of peptide bonds in the ileum and duodenum to produce polypeptides and amino acids that the body can use. It is produced as chymotrypsinogen, an inactive form, by the acinar cells in the pancreas. Chymotrypsin is a digestive aid and anti-inflammatory agent...

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