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Anxiety essay is an important and task about the condition we all can relate to – most people felt anxiety at least once in their life, while some people deal with it every day. Some essay-writers define anxiety as an experience of emotional discomfort, associated with fear and feeling of impending danger. Others think that anxiety is a mental state of internal unease, imbalance, and, unlike fear, can be groundless and depend on purely subjective factors that are significant in the context of individual experience. Anxiety often combines feelings, described in anxiety essays, such as tension, restlessness, helplessness, uncertainty, agitation, fatigue, irritability, panic, etc. Look through our anxiety essay samples to pick up some more facts about anxiety. People’s samples of essays on anxiety serve as great sores of information, which can be useful for your essays about anxiety.

An Anthropological Study of the Therapeutics of Meditation Practice in the US

Practices based on meditation are crucial and helpful in overcoming issues, anxiety, and depression. The practice of both the mind and the body is at the heart of meditation. People require a quiet area free from destruction while meditating, and they must practice paying attention. People who meditate can relieve…

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Pages: 5


Numerous studies have linked sleep deprivation to various negative physical, behavioral, and social outcomes (Gaspar, 2015). Lack of sleep has been linked to poor academic performance, diabetes, anxiety, risky behavior, and delinquency among adolescents, among other things. Most of the effect of not having enough sleep is believed to be…

Words: 1849

Pages: 7

relationships longevity affected by depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety have been identified as extreme psychiatric conditions that have an impact on the duration of relationships. There is a need to grasp the nature of depression and anxiety in order to develop a better understanding of how depression and anxiety impact relationship durability. Depression is a serious…

Words: 2493

Pages: 10

depression symptoms and therapy

Depression, also known as major depressive disorder, is a widespread and debilitating mental illness that has a detrimental impact on how one behaves, believes, and performs. The above issue is treatable with the appropriate means of treatment and prescription. A depressed person is prone to feeling lonely or losing pleasure…

Words: 1995

Pages: 8

Reducing Stress Duscussion

Because most jobs have varying degrees of pressure that are beyond our control, stress at work is a major risk factor for depression and anxiety. Because the modern world is full of deadlines, some work stress can leak out and affect coworkers (Clark, 2017). Insomnia, hypertension, and headaches are some…

Words: 850

Pages: 4

Anxiety Disorder and Social Issues

University studying can be difficult, according to Wilkinson (2013), because it comes with a large number of demands put on a student, who usually leave their academic affairs largely unattended in relation to their social well being without proper attendance. Most students of these higher education institutions face difficulties beyond…

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Anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder affects children and young adults who are distressing particularly in a social setting and hinder a person’s social tolerance. Individuals with social anxiety disorders are facing intrinsic difficulties in a social setting that needs personal contact, evaluation or attention. In any case, however, it indicates the patient’s expectation…

Words: 3867

Pages: 15

Disorder of Anxiety

Fear can be seen as a natural response to stress that can aid in certain cases. It allows people to remain alert to hazards and pay proper attention. Anxiety disorder goes beyond ordinary feelings of anxiety or nervousness, when intense apprehension and fear are involved. A sense of anxiety is…

Words: 545

Pages: 2

is too much emphasis being place by americans on being happy?

Americans are completely preoccupied with pleasure. Americans devote more time and money than any other country on the planet in search of pleasure. Despite this, they are ranked as the least happy and most nervous individuals in the developing world. Americans are constantly bombarded with optimism tips these days, thanks…

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Panic disorder

The anxiety condition notorious for surprising panic attacks can be described as a panic disorder. It is an acute time of sudden panic that can lead to trembling, sweating, and shortness of breath. Within minutes, the optimum degree can be attained. Potential Triggers Any forms of panic disorder are inherited…

Words: 550

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Drug Abuse in Colleges

College students account for the bulk of opioid users in the United States. Addiction is more common in young adults aged 18 to 26. Students who attend college full-time are twice as likely as people who do not attend college to be substance addicts. Many students experience significant social anxiety…

Words: 1473

Pages: 6

Psychoactive drugs

Psychoactive medications contribute to psychological effects with multiple propensities. Established symptoms include anxiety, relief and hallucinations. Although reinforcement is a vital factor in the use of drugs, it is accepted that increased substance dependence results in violence. Therefore, the benefit is short-term in a situation where the pleasurable effects of…

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