Essays on Generation Y

Millennial in the Workplace: A Communication Perspective

Karen k. Myers " Kamyab Sadaghiani (2010).Millennial in the workplace: A communication Perspective on Millenials’ organizational Relationships and Performance. Journal of Business and Psychology, 25(2), 225-238.doi: 10.1007/s10869-010-9172-7 Stance: Pro-millennial Authors credentials: A leader who has managed to create a friendly working environment between the supervisors and the millennial at work Intended Audience: Different...

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Generation X and Generation Y: The Housing Trends

This generation expects houses to be technology integrated. Therefore, the houses should have wireless home networks, and more importantly, the houses should be functioning as a unified system rather than having a separate cooling and heating, sprinkler, and entertainment system. This generation also prefers to purchase small houses that are affordable,...

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The Power of Social Media in Today's Generation

Social Media and its Impact on Society Social media revolutionized the way we communicate as a society and is the focus of a 2014 PBS documentary titled Generation Like. The video explores the power of social communities as well as the impact that they have on the development of teenagers growing...

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Anxiety and Depression in Millennials

Recent studies in the world today reveal that the society is continually struggling with the growing number of depression and anxiety cases mainly affecting millennials (Luxmoore 38). Anxiety refers to the escalated levels of worry and nervousness of uncertain situations or the future. Depression, on the other hand, refers to...

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Doctor-Patient Relationship and Satisfaction

This research paper reviews the evolution of the patient-doctor relationship; it mainly focuses on the possible factors that have caused the shifting of this relationship. Many patients are not satisfied with the relationship that they have with their doctors, possible factors could be the gap between generations, medical technological advancement,...

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The Generation Gap

Admittedly, the world is experiencing a generational overhaul as people continue ageing every day. With modernization as the dominant driving force of the generational change, many aspects of life remain unsettled due to the changing preferences and traditions with each coming generation. The dawning of a new age implies that...

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The Impact of Smartphones on Children

In the article narrated by Jean M. Twenge, she tries to persuade the audience with a few arguments as to why smartphones have destroyed today’s children. Specifically Jean states that the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, and when high schools were given the iPads in 2010, she coins that...

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The Roots of Generational Distrust

There can be distrust between generations which can be caused by different factors. The social trust among the millennials is not the same as the trust they have with the older generations. There is some distrust which is evident in the between people from different generations since they may not...

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The Generation Gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials

Distinct generations, that is - the Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials, hold different values, ideas, ways of doing things as well as communicating to each other. Millennials - also known as Generation Y - a cohort born in 80s/90s, is a generation that has been characterized by the revolutionization of...

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The Five Generations in the Workplace

Nowadays, a workplace in all industries and institutions is made up of five generations which are the traditionalists, baby boomers, generation x, millennials, and iGen. The preference in the types of professional communications used by people from the generations varies due to their experience in the use of technology, although...

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Challenges Baby Boomers Face

Baby boomers are the demographic cohort following the selected generation and preceding generation and are always associated with high birth rates. Baby boomers were born in the year between 1946 and 1954, and as they grow older, they were faced with a lot of challenges including financial problems, health problem,...

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Millennials: The Me-Me-Me Generation

Millenials are the greatest generation by number and even influence. However, many studies claim they are not great by virtue as they are overconfident and narcissistic which is viewed negatively. On the other hand, as other researches show that being obnoxious and having too high self-esteem leads a path to...

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