Essays on Vegetarianism

Animal Right

The idea that animals, like people, have the right to be free from abuse and human use is known as the "animal rights" movement. The majority of animal advocates believe that animal rights are based on the rejection of speciesism. The concept that animals have sentience serves as another foundation...

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Kafka's “Investigations of a Dog”

This chapter explores the fundamental cause of Kafka's vegetarianism and compassion for animals. The chapter maintains that the canine speaker exhibits a spiritual awakening with obvious signs of personal exposure. The chapter also demonstrates how prevalent in Kafka's time were ideas about the beauty of the natural world's fauna and...

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There is a heated debate in the public area of whether people should be or have to not be vegetarians? The article “Why I Stopped Being a Vegetarian” by Laura Fraser makes clear arguments regarding this question. The article focuses on the flaws that vegetarians create for themselves. Laura arguments...

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Early Human Migration and Evolution

Human migration is one of the captivating area of research in anthropology and evolution. Migration of Homo sapiens from Africa to different continents lead to evolution of different subspecies, that commonly are referred to as specific races. J. Craig venter, head of Celera genomics, put it during publication of the...

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