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Beauty Trends and Globalization

People tend to place a lot of importance on their appearance, which raises the issue of why someone's outlook is significant to them. In reality, people often unconsciously alter certain aspects of their appearance, such as clothing and makeup, to appear presentable in public. It is undeniable that a person's...

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ancient blue textile

A mordant dye must have been used to make an antique blue textile: False. The old blue cloth was created of indigo, a natural color collected from the Indigo plant, which is mostly found in India and Southeast Asia (Zady). Because the blue color is generated from plants that are...

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In Vogue: The editor’s eye.

Vogue is a fashion, beauty, and culture magazine published in the United States (Vogue Covers 1900-1970). The journal has been responsible for relieving people's anxieties for a long time, and as a result, it has maintained its high-income levels. Magazine production entails the top editors from throughout the international media...

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The financial performance of Nordstrom

Nordstrom's Discontinuation of Ivanka's Clothing and Accessory Brand Nordstrom's financial performance has resulted in the discontinuation of Ivanka's clothing and accessory brand. Given the political climate at the time, the president, Mr. Trump, saw the dip differently. The public may interpret Nordstrom's actions as retaliatory in the case of the family...

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Muslim Women

In the Islamic religion, the word "hijab" means "to cover." The majority of Muslim women frequently don the headscarf. Many non-Muslims, however, are unaware of the significance of the cover. First of all, it is crucial to highlight that these women cover their faces when they are in public or...

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fashion industry apparel

Shifts in the Luxury Clothing IndustrySince the 1990s, there have been many shifts in the luxury clothing industry. There are more participating stores now than there were in the 1990s. Thousands of developers have poured money into the industry in order to fill the divide between suppliers and customers. Users...

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the portrayal of gender in brand ads

Diesel Apparel Brand Diesel apparel brand offers a variety of denim shirt styles for both male and female genders that are suitable for a variety of occasions. Because of the lightness of the products, the designs are appropriate for spring and summer weather. The jeans (trousers and denim shirts) come in...

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The Ancient Aegean Art and (Mesopotamia)

The statue depicts a praying man sitting on a wicker hassock The statue depicts a praying man sitting on a wicker hassock and is made of schist inlays, gypsum, transparent alabaster, and shells. The guy, who appears to be devoting himself to a god, is shaved with a long beard and...

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Fashion is a term used to denote a contemporary style or habit, especially with regard to shoes, jewelry, footwear, furniture, and body piercing, among other things. It is characterized as a distinct and habitual pattern in a person's dressing style as well as other prevalent styles in an individual's behaviour...

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Nick Cave's Sound Suit

Nick's Cave Sound Suits Nick's cave sound suits have been described as one of the most fantastic artworks of all time since he puts so much of his imagination into providing original things to his audience. The artwork was on display in Nashville's Frist Center, among other exhibits (Paramore 1). It...

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Introduction It is undeniable that each Goe Pie development has a meaning and tells a specific historical and/or personal tale.First Impression I still recall how I felt when I first walked into the exhibition hall a week ago. She had evoked an exotic imperial emotion in me with her dramatic themed gowns...

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the comparison

Goe Pie's Collection and Marie Antoinette's Dress: A Comparison Goe Pie's collection evoked an exotic imperial feeling in me, and I felt like I was invited to live a mythological dream while considering her ancient traditional Chinese garments, thanks to her legendary and glorious production of dramatic themed gowns accompanied by...

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