Muslim Women

In the Islamic religion, the word "hijab" means "to cover." The majority of Muslim women frequently don the headscarf. Many non-Muslims, however, are unaware of the significance of the cover. First of all, it is crucial to highlight that these women cover their faces when they are in public or with men who are not family members. Muslim women observe their faiths by covering their entire body from head to toe in an effort to uphold modesty and humility. The government has recently tried to impose some rules about what women should wear. In as much as religion and human rights are essential, overexploitation of anything is always dangerous. When we allow the public space to get the religious infringement, then it may be a recipe for chaos and other wrongdoings. When religious beliefs overtake every other right like in Saudi Arabia, then oppression cannot be inevitable. Things can even become once when it reaches a point where discrimination sets in just because someone is seen as less religious than the other. Policing of what women wear is crucial as it helps in controlling some aspects of oppression.

Even though veils are very common among the Muslim women, the Holy Quran does not reference any specific coverage of the body; instead, it encourages women to be modest. From the video, it is not very clear whether the coverings pose any danger, however; the daily experience and stories from various parts of the world have proven that the veils can at times be a source of insecurity. Many cases have emerged where women, while in such attires take an advantage to enter institutions and cause damages after hiding the weapons in the veils.

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