Faithfulness Truthfulness and Authenticity of the Hebrew Bible impacted by translation

Since they are now regarded as holy texts by Judaists, the ancient Hebrew literature goes down in history as the world’s most important writings. Furthermore, they have had a major impact on other faiths such as Islam and Christianity. Because of their influence in human affairs and the central role…

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Review of George W. Bush’s Speech

2001 was a year in which the United States experienced unprecedented confusion, rage, and grief. Al-Qaida Muslim extremists launched a terror attack, injuring the majority of people and killing others. People urgently sought assistance in whatever way they could to avoid the atrocities of the time. President George W. Bush…

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Sharia is an Arabic word that literally means “straight path.” The term is used to describe the rules that govern Islam’s way of life as prescribed by Allah. Sharia law encompasses everything a Muslim should and should not do in their faith. It is authoritative because it is based on…

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President Trump’s Executive Immigration Order

On the 27th of January, 2017, US President-elect Donald Trump signed an executive order banning the movement of people from seven Muslim-majority countries. The order barred over 218 million people from entering the US, halting all refugee admissions for 120 days and prohibiting Syrian refugees from entering the country indefinitely…

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What Does It Mean to Be American

Both Theodora Goss and Rasha, in essence, represent people who have immigrated to America from their native countries and are struggling to adjust to their new surroundings. Theodora is a Hungarian-American, and Rasha is an Arab Muslim, both of whom live in the United States with their parents. Both girls…

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King Lear by William Shakespeare

Because of the essence of individual identity, it is a requisite for the formation of a sense of self, which is necessary for everyone’s development as a mature person. As a consequence, each person’s opinions are divided into a number of categories, such as man or woman, Muslim or Catholic,…

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Institutional Critique Article

This paper presents a comprehensive highlight of my high college experience as well as potential adjustments that should have been implemented to ensure equal therapy of students from a diverse religious background. Most global students seeking to engage in overseas studies face challenges such as racial discrimination and religious segregation….

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“Mosque’s men the only prayer canceled amid exclusion complaints”. This article is about the sudden cancellation of the Muslim prayers which are held at Comfort Inn in Revere Massachusetts. This dissolution came amid countless calls by an anonymous caller who had raised several complaints to the resort management. The reason…

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Boundary Changes over the Years

The aim of the 1947 border initiative between India and Pakistan was to keep the most united Hindu and Muslim communities within the two countries as intact as possible. Despite the boundary drawing committee’s best efforts to ensure that both sides were pleased, the decision was taken hastily, and the…

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The Contrast Between Islam and the West

The Western world (also called Occident) comprises various nations, regions and states in the Western Hemisphere. It typically includes most of North America, Europe and Oceania. In contrast to the Eastern world, the Western world is referred to as the Occident. Native Americans have long inhabited the western hemisphere. African…

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Islamic and Christian doctrines on the Creation of the World

The date and time the universe was founded are a mystery without any knowledge to support a topic speculation. The notion that just five minutes ago the entire planet was born can be debunked based on theological and science concepts. In order to justify the way the world was created,…

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Prejudice towards Muslims in the Netherlands

A main research paper is the article, Hostility against Muslims in the Netherlands: Examining Integrated Threat Theory, published in the British Journal of Social Psychology. The authors report on a recent study they conducted to investigate the biases towards Muslim minorities among Dutch adolescents. The authors study the existing literature…

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