The Religions We Study This Week

This chart contains all the research you need to write the final paper for this course. If you do the research and reading on the religion(s) we study each week, and if you give yourself a good guide to the religions using this chart,...

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Stance of Islam on Women

With over one billion followers, Islamic religion has grown to be one of the largest regions in the world. Muslims make up a majority of the population in 50 countries. Their main scriptures are Quran. Muslims believes in the existence of one God (Allah) and Muhammad as His prophet. Women...

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Similarities and Differences Between Christianity and Islamic Theism

Theism is known to be the existence of the Supreme Being. Deism describes the concept of God and is referred to as classical theism. Atheism is a rejection of theism concepts. Both Christians and Islam practice theism (Sire). Christianity affirms theism and belief in existence in God. Christians rest their...

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Religion and Morality

The three religions that include Islam, Christianity, and Judaism consider murder immoral owing to the belief that it is not allowed. It is important to note that murder refer to the death of an individual indirectly o directly. Moreover, God states out clearly the set of the right actions and...

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Comparison of Christianity, Islam and Judaism

Christianity, Judaism and Islam are three most powerful and prevalent world religions, which are often amenable to comparative characteristics. Their comparison helps understand the differences between Christianity, Judaism and Islam, but also find some similarities and define which of the religions is more powerful and influential and what periods in...

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The Effects of the Crusades

The Crusades refer to several religions wars between the Muslims and the Christians with the main agenda of controlling the holy sites. There were eight major crusades which happened between the 11th and the 13th century characterized by violent and bloody combats (Wise, 1978). The events created obstacles that can...

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The War on Terrorism and War in Iraq

Prophet Mohammed founded the Islamic religion in the 7th century (Council on Foreign Relations, n.d.). The doctrine split in 632 after his death. Although Shi’ites and Sunnis share common religious beliefs, they differ on Mohammed’s successor. Sunnis believe that the person who would have replaced Mohammed should come from the...

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Religion in the United States

Religion can be defined as a set of values, believes and practices that describes the relationship between humanity and divinity. Different religions in the world may or may not contain the considered virtues and elements of a real religion such as sacred places of worship, a supernatural being with divine...

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My Religion: Islam

Q1) what do you think is the most crucial aspect of your Muslim religion?             The most fundamental aspect of Muslim faith is that that there is only one God and that is Allah. The most important teaching that all Islam have to be taught is that only Allah should be...

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Introduction to Islam

Islam and Its Teachings Islam is a faith founded on the teachings of the holy book called Quran, which contains various lessons, such as the existence of the sacred realities of the religion. The first element which Islam celebrates is the existence of the angels of God, whom according to the...

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The Definition of Jihad Across Different Groups and Individuals

The word jihad commonly referred to as “holy war” has raised various discussions all over the world with every group and individuals coming up with their understandings. The views have not only arisen between the Muslims and non-Muslims alone, but also within the Muslims themselves. This concept has led to...

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Hajj and the Culture of Islam

Every year, Muslims all over the world attend a pilgrimage to the holy land of Makkah in Saudi Arabia, commonly referred to as Hajj to give thanks to Allah and also stand before Islam’s most sacred mosque, Kaaba (Tambini). It is expected of Muslims to attend the event once in...

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