Religion in the United States

Religion can be defined as a set of values, believes and practices that describes the relationship between humanity and divinity. Different religions in the world may or may not contain the considered virtues and elements of a real religion such as sacred places of worship, a supernatural being with divine...

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The Muslim Nation's Vision for China

The Chinese speaking Muslims (Sino Muslims) and various groups of nobles and thinkers who sought to save China from its enemies by strengthening the China-Muslim links laid out a variety of strategies in an effort to establish China as a country. Their growth had both political and religious justifications. Each...

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Arabs coming to Africa

Involving Swahili traders who controlled the coast and opened up Africa to the outside world, the Arabs' arrival in Africa sparked trade to eastern Africa and other regions of Zimbabwe, and the Islamic religion, which unites the traders, fostered trust in their trade and civilization. The stone slab is essential...

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“The Veil under Attack: Gendered Dimensions of Islamophobic Victimization.”

Chakraborti and Zempi assert that the hijab, or covering, is a representation of Islam. It is used to distinguish between Muslim and non-Muslim women, but its other meanings have been erased, leaving only one, which is that it has come to represent oppression and prejudice against women. Muslim women are...

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About Sufism

Muslim mystics who follow sufism seek to understand the reality of divine knowledge and love through personal, hands-on encounters with God. At first, Sufism was thought to be attainable through meditation. The Arabic term sufi is derived from the word suf, which means wool. Sufi's discoverers donned wool cloaks. The...

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Legalizing Discrimination in Europe

The highest court of the European Union weighed in on the highly charged subject of outward displays of Muslim identity on Tuesday, concluding that private employers have the right to prohibit female employees from donning headscarves at work. The decision of the court centered on a claim made by a...

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What is Wilayat al-Faqih?

The political position of the imams, who are regarded as the Prophet Muhammad's rightful successors, is a crucial aspect of imami Shi'ism. According to followers of the Islamic faith, Allah typically appoints heirs through his prophet. Imamism has been limited by some to a political movement that backs Imam Ali...

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Role of religion in the Crusades

At the close of the 11th century, a military expedition group called the Crusades was founded. They were started by a group of Christians in Western Europe who wished to protest the ongoing conflicts and Muslim expansion. (The Prehistory of the Crusades, 2016). The Crusades sought to regain control over...

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The essay about religious equality

Fighting for religious freedom is essential. Regarding Islam and terrorism, a mistake has been made. Due to the increase in terrorism, the majority of people think Muslims are terrorists. It is incorrect because of the perception that evil organizations like Isis have fostered. A terrorist organization fighting in the name...

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Orientalism is a perspective that emphasizes, highlights, exaggerates, and alters the differences between Arab people and their views and those of the United States of America and Europe. It frequently includes thinking of Arab culture as peculiar, reclusive, segregated, and occasionally very risky. Orientalism dates back to the period of...

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criticism of how Islam is portrayed in media

Muslims have consistently been compared to terrorist organizations in American media coverage of terrorism disasters. Islam is now more feared around the globe as a result of American efforts to combat terrorism. The response of media sources reflects this rise. However, some stations intentionally work to portray Islam favorably. In...

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The empire of Moorish

Following the Guadalete battle, the Moorish kingdom was firmly established on the Hispanic Peninsula in 700. The Visigoth Kingdom was instantly destroyed in the assault on the Mohammedan forces, which then swiftly took control of the entire Iberian Peninsula. (Cuberes, David, and Rafael 44). Up until the time they faced...

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