The 19th Century Views on Women’s Reproductive Solutions

The study of women’s reproductive options is not new, as may be seen in the 21st century, but the contentious ideology between the sexes dates back as far as Methuselah. Through history, culture has viewed women as passive, child-bearing beings incapable of exercising their conscience to make important choices that…

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About Women’s Equality

The status of women in society is still a significant concern. Women have fought for decades to be treated equally to males in society. Women have historically faced discrimination from society, which views them as being less capable than men. In spite of this, women have worked tirelessly to achieve…

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Women Rights in Iranian and Saudi Arabian

Iranian and Saudi Arabian women both experience social, political, and economic discrimination. In Iraq, women have had the right to vote since 1963, while in Saudi Arabia, women have been able to vote in municipal elections since 2015. (Powell 21). No matter their age, women in both nations need the…

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Challenges that women face and how it has affected them

Women have been devalued and viewed as the weaker gender for many generations. Despite their efforts to achieve equality, they have consistently been excluded from equal chances. Together with political and social activists, women’s rights movements have attempted to address this societal injustice (Dominelli 112). However, the fight against injustice…

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Evolution of Women in Workforce

Women had traditionally been considered or treated as housekeepers, leaving the concept of employment to men in society. For decades, women did not appear to be drawn to influential positions in the labor market. Because of rising female empowerment around the world, this pattern has shifted, and more women are…

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About Families in Cross Cultural Perspective

Women are moving to other countries in greater numbers to work as independent labor migrants, particularly from the Global South. Recent studies that surveyed 139 Filipino migrant domestic employees revealed that family favored women who adopted the “gender” script (Paul, 2015). It has been noted that these women break down…

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The meaning of Gender-based violence

Millions of women and girls around the world are victims of gender-based violence, which is a major issue. About 70% of all women worldwide experience gender-based violence at some point in their lives (Johnson 6). Sadly, it is not unique to any one culture, location, nation, or socioeconomic class; rather,…

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Muslim Women in the West

The wearing of a veil, which is the preferred dress code, results in extreme discrimination for Muslim women in the West, unlike other countries. According to a research by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Amnesty International (OICAI), Islamophobia has increased significantly in the US and the UK as a…

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Women and Labor essay

Ironically, women still do not have the same rights as men in the United States. At least in light of the fact that the 28th amendment to the Constitution, which ensures that everyone has the same rights regardless of gender, has not been ratified since it was first submitted in…

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The Relationship between Women and Hair

The notion of beauty among women has not been universal because it has changed significantly over time and across various cultures. The modern definition of beauty places an emphasis on youth and includes features like a thin frame, high, firm breasts, and most crucially, the way one’s hair looks (Tiggemann…

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Medieval Art and feminism

In the Middle Ages, both feminism and art were present. A woman’s impact on evil deeds led to her being perceived as dangerous and evil. Henry Kraus claims that questionable images convey the bad essence. Henry Kraus observed that the image portrays something less alluring and ugly. “The devil may…

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Women Artists

Women are an essential component of any civilization and have either created art or contributed to artistic expression. This is seen in paintings from the late 1800s, in which women were both featured and actively engaged in the creation of art. This essay contrasts how women were portrayed by men…

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