The Impact of Simone de Beauvoir's "The Second Sex" on Second-Wave Feminism

Simone de Beauvoir is among the most popular novelist and feminist thinker who has contributed significantly to the field of philosophy. The most famous work of this writer trained in the analytic tradition is the “The Second Sex” from 1949 which forms the foundation of second-wave feminism (Cameron 483). She...

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The Role of Women in the Military

The role and the situation of women in military has been changing for the last four decades, and by the beginning of the 21st century, the role of women in military had changed in all the NATO countries, with the number of women in the military increasing dramatically in all...

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The Role of Women in the Cycling Culture

Some of the benefits of cycling include fun since it is fun, plain and simple, secondly, fitness that helps to burn the calories and varies according to the speed and topography, thirdly happiness, since most people would not like to identify with traffic or riding in crowded places. Cycling also...

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The integral role of the women in the movement

There is proof that women participated in the civil rights movement well and effectively around 1960. Their ongoing participation, particularly in the south and delta areas, serves as evidence of this. Women activists frequently brought civil rights workers into their homes where they cared for, fed, and provided shelter for...

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Guerrilla Girls - female activist artists

Female activists known as "Guerrilla Girls" use humor, outrageous imagery, and gorilla masks to reveal corruption in politics as well as ethnic and gender prejudice in popular culture. By exposing the underreported and underrepresented instances of discrimination in society, the group of females challenges the tenets of the dominant story. In...

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Women Liberation Movement

1968 in New York saw women carrying signs calling for equal rights. The Women Liberation Movement was in charge of planning the march. A variety of liberations for women made up the Women Liberation Movement. This phrase was created as a euphemism for other freedom groups of the era. Global...

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Criminal and Social Justice

Women who are currently incarcerated are increasingly mostly moms. Since the mother is the main caregiver for her child, babies whose mothers are in prison suffer. The augmentation is supported by a 2014 research that found that 82% of women in federal prisons and 77% of those in state prisons...

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Women in the West

Slavery provided women from all over the globe with an equally devastating experience from all perspectives. Slaves were brutally taken from their homes and families and later forced to labor in harsh conditions with little in the way of basic rights. There was no defense against ruthless beatings and being...

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Status of Women after 1945

The years following 1945 marked the end of World War II. Most women were stay-at-home moms before the Second World War. They were prohibited from participating in other pursuits. Men were allowed to do the bulk of the work. While the women raised the kids, the men searched for work...

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Mehar Gujral

I hemorrhage every month to make it possible for humanity to exist. The supernatural resides in my womb. our species' source of existence. whether or not I decide to make. but that is only rarely the case. This blood was revered in earlier societies as sacred. It still is in...

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Wu Zetian Bio

Even though having a woman rule as emperor during the Tang dynasty's most glorious years would have been highly unnatural in accordance with Confucian beliefs, Wu Zetian, also known as Wu Zhao, was the only woman to do so in Chinese history. (Wills 202). Wu Zetian was Emperor Taizong's concubine,...

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Monica Grady

British space physicist Monica Grady is best known for her work on meteorites. She was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire, the United Kingdom, on July 15, 1958. As a Professor of Planetary and Space Science, Grady is presently employed by the Milton Keyes Open University in the United Kingdom. She...

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