Social Issues

Violence in opposition to women is one of the major social problems that have cause serious problems inside the criminal justice system. Rape as well as battering of ladies is not only an ancient social issue, but it also represents a wider cultural trouble within society. For many years, women…

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Pages: 7

Equal Rights Amendments

Politics is remarkably robust, causing crucial amendments to lack adoption by the legislature. Women, on the other hand, also fought tirelessly to be accepted as equals with the male gender. Such forceful action begs the question, “What is equality?” What, moreover, makes equality rights such a contentious issue? Furthermore, does…

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Chemistry Principles in Terms of Human Body

The body is a dynamic entity at all times and constantly undergoes changes, motions, and methods at the smallest cellular levels at all times. Every tournament within the body gadget ranging from how one thinks walks, feels, or even grow, are all dependent on the whole physique system to be…

Words: 267

Pages: 1

Should All Abortions Be Banned?

Cases of female abortions around the globe are growing. Social, technological, and political influences are fueling the scenario. Abortion, however, refers to the cessation of pregnancy by women. Moreover, Aiken et al. (398) clarify that when it becomes viable, it is the act of killing the embryo. Abortion is often…

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Pages: 6

Flappers influenced by jazz

The 1920s was an adventurous and enjoyable time full of cultural and fashion transformations thanks to music, particularly jazz music. Undoubtedly, this is a time whose events cannot melt away in the history of America. This was the age of flappers, the 1920s generation of women credited to bobbed hair,…

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Popular Culture and Human Rights in Azerbaijan

After independence in Azerbaijan, the government has always been wrestling with the methods of formulating the ‘women’s issue’ agenda. The problem has often been reassessed in the social revolution since the transition to the capitalist economy as a result of the rise in women’s disempowerment due to less resources (Yunus…

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Representation of Women in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

JK Rowling’s portrayal of women empowerment in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone seems to stick to gender expectations. Rowling articulated the desired qualities for women in modern culture through the roles of Hermione Granger and Professor McGonagall. Hermione and Professor McGonagall all play supporting roles in the male characters….

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Pages: 5

You Foolish Men by Sor Juana

The Stupid Men is Sor Juana’s poem. Juana writes a poem about men who do not see women’s beauty and decency. Juana indicates clearly that men should stop accusing or disciplining women because they are also at fault. The poem asks Juana, “Who else can do wrong? Though who is…

Words: 326

Pages: 2

Saudi Arabia Culture

Saudi Arabia has a super-conservative society that is not only restrictive but rigid in law and religion in many respects. The women are at the finer edge of the social constraints of non-kin relationships with the other sex. Following marriage, after demanding a man’s guardian she also favors the woman…

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Combat and woman

The question of whether women should be able to join the frontline with their male counterparts has been controversial. With the increase inequality of women, more and more gender groups are asking for fair opportunity across all work sectors, irrespective of gender. Over the years, women have proved to be…

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Beauty difinition

Beauty among women is an inexhaustible subject of debate. Time and again debates about the concept of attractiveness have been taken forward. Unfortunately, the conclusion on this topic has never been unanimous. Human beings are special in nature. We also have our own conceptions of attractiveness. Our eyes are a…

Words: 916

Pages: 4

Professions for Women by Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf’s essay Professions for Women explores some of the obstacles and hurdles that women face in the workplace. The study focuses on the observed gender inequality. Woolf contends that women have been socialized to be timid in the company of men. This intervention serves as the foundation for judging…

Words: 706

Pages: 3


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