Poem of Johann Wolfgang

German literature is a classical structure of art as illustrated by Johann Wolfgang on his work. The poem talks about an anxious boy carried by the horseback of his father. It speaks of a younger child who dies under the wrath of Erlkönig. The social position of the father is…

Words: 289

Pages: 2

Harry Potter series and stories

Because of their universality and magic, the Harry Potter series and stories are exceptional. It revolves around an outcast young boy. Harry Potter is a young kid. Outcasts have been viewed as a relegated and undesirably typecast community throughout history. The story depicts the plight of outsiders by labeling and…

Words: 630

Pages: 3

Boys and Girls

Chosen Passage: “A girl was not, as I had supposed, simply what I was; it was what I had to become. It was a definition, always touched with emphasis, with reproach and disappointment.” The narrator who is a girl enjoys helping his father do work outside. However, her mother, grandmother,…

Words: 407

Pages: 2

Stone soup

Stone soup is a novel about a stingy old fisherman and two lazy people. The stingy fisherman still employs three children to do all of his jobs. The kids will prepare lunch and supper, clean the boat, break cod, and perform all other household activities. Unfortunately, the boys forgot to…

Words: 1115

Pages: 5

Anansi Boys by Nail Gaima

Nail Gaiman’s novel; Anansi boys is pretty an interesting and insightful read. I not solely enjoyed reading it however also find the novel pretty insightful as the author’s creativity was quite fascinating. The writer not only strategically used characters however also balanced their roles within the plot of the novel….

Words: 604

Pages: 3

Rape redefining

Chapter 9 deals with the sexual vulnerability of boys. The sexual vulnerability of boys is being particularly preoccupied in the 20th and 21st centuries, as compared to the 19th century. Freedman states, “Social reformers have questioned the long-standing Anglo-American conception of rape as a heterosexual act (168).” As such, only…

Words: 320

Pages: 2

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