A Letter of Appeal

I trust you are doing well. I'm Vanessa Pearson, a future biological oceanographer who is presently enrolled in the University of Illinois' college program. Concerned and interested in the effects of illegal cyanide fishing on the long-term survival of the African catfish, I am sending this letter. Due to the high...

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Quote sandwich from "The Secret Goldfish"

In Means's writing, The Goldfish has a crucial poetic function. It has symbolic meaning in connection to the narrator's mother's experiences with a troubled marriage, divorce, remarriage, and personal redemption. The Fish is used as a parallel to the mother in this contrast. "She found herself going in to watch...

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The Animal Categories Basing On Danger

Why most people are concerned about entangling dolphins in tuna nets but less concerned about entangling tuna in nets is one of the biggest questions raised in "Who swims with the tuna." The rate at which people are putting dolphins to death astounds me. I think a dolphin has distinct...

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Mermaid: Science or Pseudoscience

The Existence of Mermaids The fabled accounts of the existence of mermaids, or other aquatic beings, are pseudoscience. According to legend, mermaids combine the characteristics of humans and fish. On the face, they are half human, and on the tail side, they are half fish. Since the literature on mermaids now...

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number of fishes observed

More fish would be visible at the location where the water sample was obtained if the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water was higher. In order to obtain a more accurate result, my experimental strategy would involve testing several water locations at various times throughout a number of intervals of...

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Zebrafish as a Nervous System Gerontology Model

Understanding the molecular organisms in aging vertebrates is one of the challenges facing biologists in the field of biomedical science today. Human treatment of illnesses and consequences related to aging is the main area of focus. Modern knowledge on the intricacies and experimental research being done to better treat diseases...

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The Fish Magic

The Fish Magic The Fish Magic is one of the most well-known paintings and combines a lovely subject with bold colors. The audience has experienced a range of emotions as a result of Paul Klee s aura-filled artwork. Creation and Inspiration Before passing away from scleroderma, Klee completed The Fish Magic in his...

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History of Clearwater’s seafood

Clearwater's Seafood: Market Leadership in the Seafood Industry Since they were the first to build fishing vessels, develop new technologies, develop new product lines, and make other innovations that would enable their company to make money and ensure sustainability, Clearwater's Seafood is the market leader in the seafood industry. They also...

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This article is a study on the service in the food and beverage operation at Rockfish, a seafood restaurant in Plymouth, SuttonHarbor. The paper describes the results of a mystery shopping exercise conducted at Rockfish on May 20th, 2017. Based on a comparison of related activities, it provides an overview...

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story of Costco's fish

Cisco depends on farmed salmon in order to keep fish prices as competitive as possible. However, due to the way the salmon are treated, this method of farming is regarded as one of the most dangerous aquatic processing methods. The salmon farms are made up of open-net cages in which...

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marine animals and adaptation

Will the sea lion or the dolphin be more hydrodynamic, based on their body form, external appendages, and body covering? The dolphin has a higher hydrodynamic coefficient than the sea lion. Sea lions, which are pinnipeds, have feathers and were converted from land mammals, while dolphins are hairless. When swimming, fur...

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Lowering pH of Aquarium Tank Using White Vinegar

The pH of Water and Its Effects in an Aquarium The pH of water refers to its alkalinity or acidity. A value less than 7 always denotes acidic conditions, while a value greater than 7 denotes alkaline conditions. A value of 7, on the other hand, represents the neutral state. Since...

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