Mermaid: Science or Pseudoscience

The fabled accounts of the existence of mermaids, or other aquatic beings, are pseudoscience. According to legend, mermaids combine the characteristics of humans and fish. On the face, they are half human, and on the tail side, they are half fish. Since the literature on mermaids now in existence lacks any strong scientific or experimentally validated arguments, the author’s approach is considered pseudoscience. The pseudoscientific literature that supports the existence of mermaids lacks peer-reviewed material, similar to many scientific publications that have undergone rigorous standards of tests and verification to determine the authenticity of the assertions made. and that which exists does not have the much-required precision and accuracy that science demands.

Building on the pseudoscientific argument much has been storied about the ancient the existence of such marine monsters like mermaids and even sea serpents. Sources such as the “Arabian Nights’ give credence to the thesis that there is no scientific evidence on mermaids that has explained the origins and physiological structure of these imaginary sea creatures. According to the myth like the source of the Arabian Nights, the mermaids assume moon faces and have the hair similar to that of a woman. It further sensationally claims that their feet and hands are hidden inside the organism’s belly other than having the tails like that of fish (Radford).

On top of that, mermaids having the shape and form of half human and half fish have been in existence for 4000 years. They also have a close connection with the Babylonian deity known as Oannes, believed to be the god of the fish, mermaids and other frightening sea monsters. Interestingly, that god of the mermaids has a bearded head that has a crown and the body of a man while the waist going downwards assumes the face of a fish. Other than being the deity of the sea creature’s other religions basing their philosophy from the Greek mythology also talk about the god Triton who is believed to be the sea messenger. Other modern religions also pay allegiance to the mermaid goddess, in support of the belief that mermaids not only exist as a mere creature but also as supernatural beings.

Additionally, many folklores have pointed out the lethal powers of mermaids and the way they have been associated with causing death and misfortune, luring unsuspecting and errant sailors away from their course and at times into rocky shoals. Moreover, the Pirates of the Caribbean film which was released in 2011 exhibits the terrifying characteristics of mermaids such as instigating rough storms in the seas and the disappearance of sailors and fishers. Such incidents underscore the assertion that mermaids are not just imaginary creatures but potent and fear-invoking organisms (Farnell 55).

The contrary opinion says that there are certain animals such as manatees and dugongs which seem to have similar features to mermaids. Their tails look like that of mermaids and also possess flippers which look like stubby arms. Although existing research says that such organisms have been sighted from a far distance in the sea and no conclusive scientific information has been documented regarding the creatures, further studies are recommended to establish the facts of that matter. As of now, the researchers who advanced that theory only relies on the glimpse of the tail, head, and arms that were seen before the creature dived into the waves.

As a recap, mermaids remain to imaginary creatures whose existence is only supported by imaginary accounts of ancient tales, fiction books and folklore. Although some people believe in such historical accounts, much needs to be done to prove the veracity of those claims.

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